Monday, May 07, 2007

Your One Stop Shop

Looking for the other sides take on the game? Want somewhere to post gloating messages or venemous attacks? Well here is a list of some of the ones that I am most familiar with but if you are a Sabres blogger visiting for the same purposes and want to be added to the list then send me an e-mail.

Sabre Rattling - Tom Luongo and Matt's site is one of the best for the impartial analysis of the NHL and some Sabres topics that involve no other teams. Otherwise, it is blinkered, aggressive, arrogant, and it is still one of my favourite non-BoO related sites. In the midst of all the slug-love there is some very good tactical analysis and Tom especially responds to any comments with an open mind. - This site is great for game threads.

Dispatches from the Aud - The MVN site for the Sabres is like the sens' one but without the rantings and ravings of JP Allard.

Bleeding Blue and Gold - Great pre-game posts.

Hockey's Ladies of Greatness - In honour of our resident logo designer, the HLOG has two contributors. Get to know them both: Heather B. and Paige.

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