Thursday, January 31, 2008


Two nights away from (finally) another namesake game, here's what BoO fans will find on tap tonight at your local haunt:

BRUINS at SENS 7:30 (Available in Morse Code?)

I'm heading to the bar now. This season has led to some excessive living.

The Final Word On Emery

Kevin from Barry Melrose Rocks has the local's view on Emery's Wild Ride:
Now, being an Islander fan and having lived on Long Island for 20+ years, I can tell you that without a doubt, there's no way someone can do that. If you can make it from the Coliseum to the Isles practice facility and only be four minutes late for practice there are two possible scenarios: 1) You were at the Coliseum well before practice was supposed to start. We're talking 30-45 minutes early. 2) You're lying through your teeth.
So, I guess that wraps it up. Emery hates his teammates, hates Ottawa, hates having the impression that his team actually has a chance for the Cup and wants to get traded. What are the senators going to get for Emery? Does that open up room for Don's wish to see Foppa the Fragile Swede line up with the team?

I've got 5 million, who'll give me 6? 6? 6? Sold

Foppa for PM!

He's 34 so I think the LTI clauses don't kick in yet - I think it's 35. So, if you sign him for this year and next and he can't play, you won't be holding his salary on the books. Right?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's been reported that 18 NHL scouts from 16 different teams were in attendance at last night's Leaf game.

Here's a good look at the carcass they will be picking off.

Question is: What would you do if you were in charge?
(Sens fans too, and even semi-serious attempts would be a refreshing change.)

GM MUPPET: I would plan for 2009/2010 as the big turnaround year. If you look at the contracts most are turned over by then, giving the new GM two drafts and lots of time to trade and develop assets before hitting the UFA market a la Philadelphia the summer of '09. It means only next season is an (intentional) throw away, and I would need quite a few prospects this year and next year at deadline, rather than all picks.
My approach means saying goodbye to Mats for good (no point resigning him for 3 more years), trying my best to move Kubina, McCabe and Tucker this season too, and making my only untouchable vet players Toskala and Kaberle. No way you move Kaberle on his salary and Toskala is insurance if Pogge doesn't pan out next year.
I would extend Stralman, Stajan, Steen this summer and possibly Antropov (I need to see how he finishes out 2008 and how much money he wants), but put Ponikorovsky and Gill on the block and send Raycroft down to start next season hopefully he gets picked up on waivers and it's done with.

That would be my mindset to begin, but the course could change if we get first overall this year in the draft, and who we're able to move at deadline.

NOTE: Belfour's $770,000 is off the books after this season as well.

Should we work on the picture puzzle some more now?

More from Erin

Carry on

Turns out it takes 2 hours to go 13 miles.
"It's not the ideal end to the trip. I just went to the wrong location," said Emery after last night's 5-2 win over the New York Islanders.
"It was an honest mistake. I spent two hours trying to get to practice.
But let's give Ray the benefit of the doubt. So here is Monday's timeline:
2:04 plane arrives from Vegas
3:00 arrives at Nassau coliseum 1hr before practice as is done by most players
3:10 realizes nobody's there
3:15 realizes his cab has left
3:16 calls for new cab
3:30 cab arrives
4:04 gets to the practice facility

I guess it's possible.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

GAME DAY THREAD: Bling-Hampton Edition!


Vesa Toskala gets the start tonight and all reports indicate he arrived at morning practice on time and sober. This doesn't bode well for the Leafs chances at golfing early and drafting high as Vesa is 4-1 in his last five with a 2.40 GAA. This is what we get for extending the contract of a sane, classy and talented goaltender this past off season. RIP JFJ.


An 8th place team is just what the Sens need right now. If you're not a Sens fan that is. Ottawa have had no luck in recent weeks playing against peripheral squads, making this one far more dramatic than it should be. Add to that Ray Emery possibly taking his big fat contract extension to Binghampton and you have one hell of a cheesy drama unfolding. I can't look away!

Predictions start here:

4-2 Leafs

Special shout out to Kabby who made us all proud at the all-star game and basically anytime he laces up skates. A classy guy and no one more deserving of a nice long playoff run. All the same, I sure hope we don't trade him.

Enjoy the games.


Dean Brown's blog:
If Dr.Phil weren't so busy with Brittany Spears we could sure use him here in Ottawa right now.
(Can you believe he spelled Britney wrong! Like, come on!)


TSN reports that Ray thought the practice was at Nassau Coliseum and not at the practice facility.

Shouldn't he have still made it there on time if they are only 13 miles away?

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Year's Resolution: Buy A Watch

Somehow, amongst all of the flashy suits, big cars, and assorted blingery, Ray Emery ran out of money before buying a watch. He was once again late for practice today. No word on whether he lost track of time while playing in the snow.

29 more days as a senator for Ray Emery?

Note of Interest Addendum: Check out the guest post on Cliff Fletcher.


Milks is asking whether this is true:
According to a member of the Sportsnet forums, the Toronto Raptors of the NBA use a picture of Daniel Alfredsson on the big screen in order to get fans booing at appropriate times, such as when the opposition is shooting a free-throw.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: BoOB Commissioner announces incentive program

Addressing the media from his heavily armed compound in the Sovereign Republic of Ancapistan, BoOB Commissioner Jay Jardine announced a year end prize challenge to keep the intensity level high through the second half of the season. "What we want to do is reward the managers who have made intelligent decisions, but also fire up those who are still around mid-pack, but maybe are thinking of giving up on their chances", Jardine said. The overall BoOB winner will receive a $50 Keg gift card, while the team with the highest percentage increase in points after the all-star weekend will receive a $20 i-Tunes card (screen shot of January 27th points totals below). But rewarding the winners isn't enough, the commissioner explained, "We also want to provide some measure of punishment for the last place as well". The last place manager will be forced to accept this Bryan McCabe action figure as an enduring symbol of their futility and mismanagement.

Before dashing off to a waiting helicopter, Jardine had some final words for his competitors: "I wish you the best of luck, and may God have mercy on your souls".

Toronto based MSM screws Sens again

Kaberle wins the shooting accuracy contest.
Kaberle goes 4 for 4. Kaberle wins.

It seemed to me from watching the competition that someone was feeding him those pucks perfectly in the slot, right onto the tape everytime. That someone happened to be Jason Spezza.

Of course we don't see 'Spezza/Kaberle win shooting accuracy' in our media. If it was a Leaf making passes like that - as if any of them could - we'd be sure to be reading all about it today.

And don't bring up Jesusson's performance in the same contest unless you want to talk about how his targets just seemed to be smaller than everyone elses.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

At 35

From TSN I heard that if Alfie gets 50 goals he'd be the oldest player to do so since Bucyk in '71 and if he can win the scoring race he'd be the oldest since that ol' Bun liner Bill Cook in '33.

Friday, January 25, 2008


From a Sens fan yesterday on BoO:

"Amazing. Took Peddie under 5 minutes to make Cliff look like a senile old fool. Thank god Bowman said no. Why would anyone want to be a part of that organization again?"

From Brian Burke Today:

"I'm flattered by all this," he said, standing in the HHOF two blocks from the Leafs' Air Canada Centre. "It's a great job. If you're Catholic, this is the Vatican. Toronto is the epicentre, along with Montreal, of the hockey universe", Burke said.
"I'm flattered by all the attention and that someone would think I'm the right guy for this, but I have a job that I love and I work for special people in the Samuelis," he said. "I'm not going anywhere."

Burke had glowing words for Ferguson and for Richard Peddie, president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

"This past year, to watch the slow disembowelling of John Ferguson, it's something no one should go through," said Burke. "John Ferguson is a good guy and history will look back more kindly on him than they are now. A couple of years from now people will say, `Geez, that was one of Fergie's drafts.' He's a great guy. To watch him endure that fate was difficult. So, everyone assumes then that Richard Peddie must be a bad guy. He's not a bad guy. I really believe that John Ferguson would have been in trouble last summer except for Richard Peddie.

"Working for Richard Peddie would be an honour for me. It wouldn't be a problem. It would be just the opposite. I think he's a good guy. That is not a stumbling block at all for me. I don't think it's going to be for anyone. They're not going to have to beg anyone to take this job. You're talking about one of the plum jobs in all of pro sports."

Does that answer your question?

Alfred Jesusson

That name should stick.

When the team needs someone to step up, again and again it's Alfie. He's never going to get promoted like the 22-30 year olds that are from 2nd to 5th in the scoring race not only because he's supposed to be nearing the end of career but because he's doesn't have the flash of most of the superstars so being able to watch him day in and day out is a treat for Sens fans.
At 35 he's 10th in the league in TOI - and significantly, 13% of that is penalty killing which the other 4 up there don't even touch. Also, we love him even more because he's so disliked by Leaf fans.
Today, and maybe the entire All-Star break should be dedicated to Alfie.
And let's not overlook how he has influenced hairstyles across the planet. He's up there with Beckham.



Sorry to trample on Don's post, but Alfie's performance inspired me to greatness. Leave us your Chuck Alfie facts in the thread below.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Game Day: Just Shoot Me Edition

Some Annoying Person has probably already reminded you that Monday was the "most depressing day of the year", and given the 2008 edition was bracketed by an unprecedented Philly gut-stomping and a shabby display in Florida, Sens fans may think there's something to the pseudo-science.

It gets worse, though. Tonight there is simply no way to go into the All Star Weekend on a high note. Visiting the dogs of the East, the Tampa Bay Lightning (2-0-1! against the Sens this year), a win will do nothing to bolster team or fan confidence, while a loss will cause further gut-churning and acid reflux as the trade deadline approaches.

But wait, there's more: if Toronto beats Washington tonight, it will give the blue team back-to-back victories and a 2-1-0 record against a sudden playoff contender that has absolutely butt-raped Ottawa this season.

1-0 Sens (SO): Alfie clinches the most thoroughly dissatisfying victory in Senators history.

Hmmm. Get rid of the cokeheads or keep them?

Erin - I'm thinking by gametime.

It's Gabbo!

You're gonna like me, your gonna love me.
Cause I can do most anything.
I can do the hully gully,
I can immitate Vinc Scully.
Lets take a time out from that triple play for this
message from Farmer Dan's pure pork sausages. Mmm, mmm

I'll give out shiney dimes.
I'll travel back in time.
Your gonna like him, your gonna love him.
Cause it's the greatest show in town!

This is too funny.

Some props

Five for Smiting got some love from Steve Warne on the morning today on the Team 1200. He read a large part of this post but the blog's been on fire for a while.

Maybe Warne also read this post from Milks?

Also, be sure to listen to some of the great coaches rants (real ones at Black Aces, and the one at Five for Smiting from Paddock)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Brennan at the new Ottawa Sun group blog:
Really, just minor adjustments are needed to make the Senators a serious Stanley Cup threat.
All their lineup requires is a goalie, a defenceman and two Top 6 forwards.

I'm guessing the Sens are glad they're on the road after the way they've played the last week.

The All-star break can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blake almost a Sen?

Bruce 'The Rumour' Garrioch strikes again.


The Ferguson watch didn't last long. It's official.
No word on his replacement yet, but it's expected Fletcher will be announced as the guy sometime later today.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Payback's a bitch

Probably McGratton wouldn't be in the lineup if it weren't for the injuries. His quote from after the incident in preseason:

There's no place in our game for hits like that. That's a dirty hit. He's known as a dirty player. He'll get what's coming to him the next time we play them, for sure.

We'll be watching as we switch between the game and the Giants/Packers.

The Leafs are on a tear - looking to get out of the draft lottery position and get within striking distance of 8th place to make sure Sundin won't get traded at the deadline.
Scoreless in the 2nd at NJ as I post this.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Game Day: let's get the injuries and bad puns out of the way, shall we?

Sens will need to once again regroup and draw on available depth as they host the Lightning without their MVP captain in the lineup. According to timeonice, the reliable Dean McAmmond slipped into Alfie's spot on the "top" line with Robitaille and Spezza, while the Schubert/Fisher/Neil and Kelly/Vermette/Eaves combos also ate up some high quality minutes.

Hopefully the injuries will provide Bryan Murray an opportunity to carefully assess the progress and potential of perennial trade-bait like Antoine Vermette and Patrick Eaves as the deadline nears. Jason Spezza's leadership and responsibility will also be in the spotlight. Vermette put on one of those "you'll miss me when I'm gone" performances on Thursday.

3-2 Sens: Eaves, Schubert, McAmmond.


The Leafs are playing Buffalo.
The end.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lets kick his ass to the curb!

Sign your names to rid MLSE of Richard Peddie here.

Hockey Night in Ottawa?

As any Canadian knows, the CBC hates making money. They bleed cash with every show that they force feed Canadians except for Hockey Night in Canada. Hockey Night in Toronto as it's known in bitter Anti-Leaf circles is a ratings juggernaut which results in huge ad sales for the mother corporation.

Now, William Houston thinks the senators should be featured and Godd Till thinks that there are a couple of flaws in the argument that switching in ottawa for Toronto will build an audience and help viewers connect with the team as it heads into the playoffs. Houston points out that the ratings for the Detroit Red Wings-senators game would certainly have received a boost as it was a marque matchup on both sides and it was a lead-in to the Leafs game. He also mentions that it's ratings were around 200,000 viewers less than for an average Leafs game. So basically, even though the Leafs are in 28th place in the league they are averaging over 1.1 million viewers. That means that even dog matchups (Leafs-Lightning) draw huge numbers.

And that's without mentioning what sponsors will think of the move:
Switching out the Leafs also might not go over well with Hockey Night advertisers. The chance to connect with a fanatically loyal fanbase which consumes the product with dedication and verve no matter how vile it tastes and how sick it makes you: that's gotta be Molson's target audience right there.
And of course, the playoffs can be unpredictable:
And if CBC does put all its eggs in the black-and-red basket they'd certainly end up with them all over their face if Ottawa collapses in the early rounds of the playoffs. Nahh, that couldn't happen.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Patrick Eaves Returns!

The future Ken Linseman gets back into the lineup tonight and will immediately make an impact.

I'm not kidding about the Linseman thing. The agitating style (Saku can attest to that), the skill which I think will start to show more in the stats this 2nd half, and hey, they look the same too.

UPDATE: I guess this will serve as the game day post - Zubov getting call-up for Ottawa and seeing some ice in the first. Both that game against the Caps and the Leafs - Canes game is scoreless so far.

Monday, January 14, 2008


According to one brilliant guy here at BoO, the Leafs run of non-success since the lock-out has been ALL LEAF FAN'S FAULT. It's true. Somehow, we've turned this team into the 28th place shit-show that stands before you. SHAME ON US.
But don't worry, my faithful accomplices, I have a plan! Here is a list of things YOU CAN DO to reverse our current "enabling" state. Lets get together and be like fans in other cities who would NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN, even though the last time one of these clever hockey cities boasted a cup, Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister...

1) Boycotting Home Games:
Yes, you can't get tickets, ever, so boycotting home games will be quite simple. Lets see... millions of fans, and 19,000 seats. That makes it easy. We only need 100% of fans to partake for this to be successful. Oh, and Since 16,000 of those seats are season tickets paid for by corporations and families with last names like Eaton, we really only have to stop 3,000 people from buying tickets. Consider it done.

2) Boycotting Away Games:
You grew up with the Leafs. You watched games with your father and uncles, pretended you were Daryl Sittler on one of Toronto's 52 outdoor rinks, and have loved the Leafs since you were a kid. Now your company has moved you to Anaheim and you have a wife and kids born there and the Leafs are coming for the first time since 2003. Well, don't go. I know, I know, you just want to have a small taste of home and have a beer and share this with your kids. Stay away. You are pretty much grabbing the controls at MLSE and pushing the levers into LOSER position if you spend a cent.

3) Stop watching the games on TV.
If the Leafs keep being a big draw, they'll keep paying MLSE too much money for the rights and then a good GM won't be hired (even though, for some reason, Cliff Fletcher and Pat Quinn got jobs here under these circumstances). It looks like this one is already in effect, as viewership is down across the board for Leaf games. Now we just need to get all the bars to stop the feeds...

4) Be More like Vancouver fans.
When their team was losing a lot in the 90's, they stopped going to games. The minute they made the playoffs, the whole city went and bought new Canuck Jersey's and NHL rulebooks and showed their support. It was something to behold. A city where you can't find a mens league game to save your life and where soccer enjoys more of stronghold than hockey, being a fairweather fan really wakes up management and gets them to put a competitive team on the ice. Along with discounts, promo's, on ice antics and pretty much anything they can do to keep people in the seats other than a natural love of the game. Hey, it may be hollow, but at least they have Roberto Luongo.

I will continue to think of more ways we can take the reins at MLSE. I'm hoping some of you will quit your jobs and focus hours of your day lobbying for the local team. If you have any ideas you would like to add, please feel free.


This story for me feels more like a plea than a journalistic offering.

Lets just hope MLSE are listening.

IN OTHER NEWS: Life without Heatley: 0-1

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to work

After knocking off the President's Trophy frontrunners, Sens host the Islanders tonight without 50 goal sniper Dany Heatley (gone 4-6 weeks with a separated shoulder). They'll play every other night through to the All-Star Weekend. Washington Tuesday, followed by Carolina, T Bay, Philly, Florida and T Bay.

Patrick Eaves is almost ready to step back in, so the forward lines may shape up something like this:


I'm expecting a sloppy game with last night's emotional and physical efforts taking their toll and a tired Islanders team coming off a west coast trip.

4-3 Sens (Fisher, Robitaille, Spezza, Meszaros)

Saturday, January 12, 2008



Ottawa will host the NHL's most winning team this season, and I think many around the league must be considering this game a yard stick for where Ottawa really are in the big scheme of things. The West is clearly the best this season if consistency and overall team proficiency is the gauge. Are Ottawa still just the best team in a weak conference, a point nailed home last Stanley Cup finals, or are they a real cup contender? This one might give some answers. Emery will get the start.

Heading south, both literally and figuratively, we have the Leafs trying to stop the heavy bleeding against San Jose. This one will have little bearing for Toronto if they win. It's a loss that would be a real catalyst for massive change. Toskala is apparently fit enough to start. Pogge will likely back him up, but nothing official has come down any of the wires.

A win or loss for the Sens will surely lead to discussions, but it's only one game and won't be the end all and be all. The same can't be said for Toronto. How fitting they are playing in the land of earthquakes.

For tonight's game night song, I think I speak for all Leaf fans - the time is now.

Hit it Spider!

Game Day: They Don't Get Any Bigger Than This!

(in the regular season anyway)

P1 and P2 square off tonight at Scotiabank (CBC, Coast to Coast). Let's go straight to the tale of the tape (practice lines via TSN ice chips and LetsGoWings):

Special Teams:


13th at home vs. 5th on the road


17th at home vs. 4th on the road

Advantage: DET no question. Let's hope the refs just let them play tonight.

OTT Sc1 vs. DET Chk:

Heatley/Spezza/Alfredsson (avg 54 pts) vs. Cleary/Draper/Maltby (avg +8)

Advantage: OTT, although the setup reads too much like Moen - Pahlsson - Niedermeyer for my tastes. If Alfredsson drops down to Sc2, they may go with McAmmond or Neil on the right wing.

OTT Chk vs. DET Sc1:

Vermette/Kelly/Donovan (avg +4) vs. Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Holmstrom (avg 47 pts)

Advantage: DET, however, if Zetterberg is a game time decision or not 100% (flu) I could give this to OTT.

OTT Depth vs. DET Depth:

Robitaille/Fisher/Neil (avg 19 pts) vs. Hudler/Filppula/Samuelsson (avg 26 pts)
Schubert/McAmmond/Bass (avg 10 pts) vs. Drake/Kopecky/Downey (avg 4 pts)

Advantage: Close, but if Alfredsson drops to the second line with Fisher I like OTT.

Defensive Pairings:

Phillips/Volchenkov (avg 9 pts, +9) vs. Lidstrom/Rafalski (avg 39 pts, +24)
Redden/Corvo (avg 23 pts, +15) vs. Kronvall/Lilja (avg 16 pts, +10)
Richardson/Meszaros (avg 12 pts, +4) vs. Lebda/Chelios (avg 9 pts, +8)

Advantage: DET


Emery (2.85, 0.891) vs. Hasek (2.11, 0.900)

Advantage: Emery! He showed up his mentor last time he played him (43 saves in a turning point in the 2006-2007 season) and will be looking to rise to coach and teammate challenges to improve his game down the stretch.

More comments and observations from bloggers on both sides here at AOL Fanhouse.

So even though the Senators are the major paper underdogs here, with an impassioned enough performance in front of the home crowd and John Paddock taking full advantage of the last line change, I still think the Senators can prevail with a 2-1 Shootout victory (Neil, Alfredsson).

Pump up music (dedicated to BoOB leader DC) will have you shakin' at the knees. I want to see tonight's bank crowd resemble those balcony head bangers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

And so it begins

JFJ's future officially under the gun.


I'll say he's fired Tuesday the latest.

And here we thought you were writing a book on Emery

Just wanted to say that all of us here at BoO hope Erin a speedy recovery.

Pizza time in Atlanta

Spezza and Heatley join Alfie at the All-Star game. Kaberle gets the spot reserved for Toronto.

Must be a basis for some type of discussion

I don't think I really have a whole lot to say about this, but take a look at the Sens roster the last time they missed the playoffs.

Also, the Leafs roster after their terrible 97-98 season before they made the post season six years in a row.

Is the current Leafs roster worse than either or those teams?
I'd say they are in worse shape the Sens who had a young Alfie and Yashin to build around - though not much more than that (Redden came in the next year). That 97-98 Leafs team was brutal. They added Joseph the next summer.

Biggest change after both of those bad teams - new coaches. Jacques in Ottawa and Pat in Toronto.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since the early game tonight wasn't much of a draw at BoO, perhaps the late one will be?

It's already 1-0 Kings (yay!), no idea who scored, just walked in the door from work.
If you're around, watching, laughing, crying, be sure and comment.

If you don't have Leafs TV, the radio is carrying the game. You can listen along with Gee.

Game Day: The Mighty Sens Achilles Heel?

While keeping the intriguing Stamkos watch in mind tonight, the Buffalo Sabres make their way back into Scotiabank Place to begin the second half of the 2007/2008 season. Of the Senator's 10 regulation losses this season, seven have been to teams hovering in the bottom third of the league (Nashville 1, Atlanta 1, Buffalo 1, Toronto 1, Washington 3 (!)) along with 2 of their 4 overtime / shootout losses (Tampa 1, Chicago 1). Last Saturday, the second worst team in the league managed to hold them at bay for over 60 minutes. Several games have been outright blowouts, even when the Sens squeaked out a victory (check Emery or Gerber's GAA against these lesser opponents for some truly sorry sights).

Understandably, teams get geared up for a fight against the second highest scoring team in the league, but the Sens have seemed go along by playing down to their level. If you recall the good old days of the mid-to-late nineties when the Sens were fighting for respectability, they'd manage to pull out a big upset win against a Detroit or a Colorado. It was often mentioned at the time how fear of embarrassment can force a team to bring out its best.

We'll see how they do tonight. I had initially called for a 4-0 Senators romp (Spezza, Alfie, Neil, Schubert), assuming Emery would come off his practice scuffle with Grats by making another statement on home ice. By the third period, he was slated to have the crowd chanting "Ray-zor, Ray-zor". Alas, J-Pad has given the Pissed Swiss the nod and foiled my prediction. The mulligan says a 6-5 Sens win (Heatley with two goals in addition to the above). Gerber gets pulled after a five goal meltdown, Emery comes in cold and slams the door.

Addendum: While we're on the subject of that fucking bitch team the Kings, I know what my most favored trade would be to solve "Ottawa's Struggles": swinging a deal to bring Rob Blake east. Who goes the other way? Well, one of the goalies obviously. Paddock should make 'em duke it out for the honors (both on and off the ice).

Ottawa's Struggles

Ok, it's pretty well documented throughout the blogosphere/traditional media that there are HUGE problems with everything MLSE does down to the skate sharpening guy but....

Ottawa started the year 15-2-0 with 1 win in a shootout and 1 in overtime. They had 57 goals for [3.29/gm]*(56 less the shootout) and 31 goals against [1.82/gm].

Since the morning of their third matchup against the Leafs (a 3-0 loss that in retrospect must feel very embarrassing) they have gone 12-8-4 with 3 losses in shotoouts, 1 in overtime, and no wins after 60 minutes. They have scored 91 goals for [3.79/gm] and have allowed 82 goals against [3.29/gm]* (79 less the shootouts).

So the senators have been 12-12 since they were pegged as possibly being able to break the NHL's win record.

So let's open it up to the floor. When did the senators become a mediocre .500 (the real kind of .500, not the MLSE-speak kind) hockey team with no defence? Who's to blame? Who gets fired? Who gets traded?

* I used the numbers less the shootout goals.


The way I see it, Toronto can't possibly win a Stanley cup with a team like this in the NHL. When they get Paulsson and Selanne back, they'll be even scarier.

The best Toronto can do, and I'm only saying this because you can never say never, is to squeak in the playoffs and then go on an Oiler-esque Cinderalla run only to get absolutely shit kicked by the Ducks, or Red Wings in the finals.

We will not win a Stanley Cup. That should be all management needs to know in order to completely retool this team and start over. Who cares about making the playoffs, winninga series or two or making the finals only to get slaughtered? The only thing that should matter is a Stanley Cup. And we can't win it.

Leafs fans need are part of this too. Let it go. Brace yourself for some rebuilding. Hell, it can only be a little worse than things are now. But at least the future will look a whole lot brighter and maybe we can get some hope happening around here again?

So, as GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, right now, my phone lines are open. First up for bidding, Mats Sundin.

Stamkos Watch!

The Leafs have a big test tonight against the Kings - basically a 4pt game. Keeping the effort level the same, timely falls and an inept power play will be key for forcing LA to take the 2 points.

Losing to the defending champs is one thing - everyone expected it. Losing to the Kings requires something special. Maybe putting Raycroft in net?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Toronto will get their own taste of the team that beat Ottawa like a red-headed step-child last playoffs, as they begin their western road swing tonight in Anaheim.

As far as I can tell Toskala will not make the start. However if there is one reason to watch this game, aside from those who are masochistically inclined, you may see Sundin tie Richard on the all-time goal scoring list in the event that he pots one.

Is it worth staying up late and feeling like crap tomorrow at work?

You decide.

You can watch the game through your fingers starting at 10pm, LeafsTV.

Mats has some pull

Here is a great story from The Star where a whole plethora of NHL hockey experts were asked what the Leafs should receive for Sundin if it comes down to trading him in February.

A few different looking packages, but they all say basically the same thing. The Leafs will have some tough decisions.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All-star Alfie

Some props to our captain for his well earned selection by the fans to the Eastern Conference starting lineup.

Do we have a list of previous All-star starters from the Sens and Leafs?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Post Gold Hockey Night

First off: WOOOOO!

Almost halfway through the season, the Sens host the Bolts and the Leafs host the Flyers (Emery and Raycroft getting the starts).

Check out these career high on-pace totals for the Battle teams:

Spezza - 114 (despite missing 6 games)
Alfredsson - 112
Heatley - 111 (should be good for another 50)
Antropov - 70
Fisher - 59
Vermette - 48
Corvo - 43
Kubina - 42
Schubert - 33
Gill - 32

Not bad considering some of these guys recently signed multi-year contracts.

St. Louis just scored, but I think pizza will be served for the first time in '08.

UPDATE: Dear God, Cassie Campbell is doing colour for the OTT-TB game. Here's me shoving pencils into both ears.

Canada to Sweden: We're Baaaaaaack!

[bumped back to the top for karma - JJ]

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If there is one thing that unites the province of Ontario (and Canada) it's anytime a hockey team sports a red maple leaf. Actually, any maple leaf unites the country except red = love and blue = hate. It's no different here. Except for Chemmy. He's a dirty American. 4-1 bitch!

Anyway, as I listen to the Canadian anthem and stare at the stunning women the Czechs have given out the player of the game awards (Mason with 36 saves) I am told by Pierre Maguire that Canada has now guaranteed itself a medal for the tenth consecutive year. Program of Excellence indeed. Does Hockey Canada want to try to pass that success on to the Leafs?

Despite being outshot Canada had this game in hand almost from the first shift. Not during the first shift because the Americans dominated that one in almost ridiculous fashion. However, Team Canada responded on the next shift and ran away from there. Two goals in 20 seconds early in the third including a huge gaffe by the US defence sealed the game (does Wozniewski have any junior eligible kids?) and the kids were nice enough to gift the Americans a consolation goal.

So it's Canada looking for revenge against the Swedes for breaking Canada's 20 game winning streak on the back of one terrible period by the team and Ray Emery-in-training supersuck Johnathan Bernier. If the Canucks match today's effort then it will stand them in good stead to increase on Canada's run of three straight titles heading into next year's tournament in the City that Fun Forgot. I feel bad for the kids that missed this year's tourney and will go to Ottawa. The women are nowhere near as hot as Prague's.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Game Day: I Got Yer Swag Right Here

I'd be interested in seeing Matt's leaf nutcracker in operation, but in terms of cool stuff with team logos slapped on them, the Sens Camaro makes a nice find under the tree on Christmas morn. I also got a slick RBK away jersey (appropriate given my location far from home base), which despite my best efforts managed to make it through the week without any beer, blood or poutine stains. In exchange, I treated The Boss and her dad to a game in the 116's. Set of static pics here (at a game, I typically only shoot after the whistle or horn goes).

Speaking of swag, I think my fearless New Year's prediction for the next Emery "incident" will have something to do with snowmobiles, trespassing and a "warning shot" fired by an irate farmer.

Tonight, he'll return to his all-time favorite road city in an attempt to reclaim the default starter's position. Ray is 9-3-1 lifetime against the BUF despite allowing an average of just over 3 goals a game. 5-4 Sens (Heatley x2, Redden, Alfie, Fisher), Volchenkov gets in front of more shots than Emery.

We wait with bated breath

The last update:
Senators coach John Paddock yesterday refused to divulge whether Gerber or Ray Emery would start tonight against the Buffalo Sabres.

Also - what's bated breath?

Please. Donate blood. Darcy needs it.

Muppet: "his brains were hanging out of his cracked skull."

All the details and video here.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to work and I'm not happy about it

I couldn't find a link to the story but the Team 1200 was talking this morning about Gerber comments after being pulled. Basically, I understood that Gerber was complaining about getting the hook saying that it doesn't work for motivating the team.

What about motivating you Gerbs? A day or two after Emery's been forced to step back and work on him game in practice you go and basically force Paddock to put Ray back in net by letting in 10 goals on 37 shots in your last two starts.

Now the talk is how Volchenkov's return from his interplanetary work is going to make our goaltending look better. No pressure. Sigh.

Can we start Jeff Glass in Buffalo?

Basically the talk of trading one of Gerber or Emery is ridiculous. Emery is too injury prone right now and Gerber lacks consistency. From what I can see, we're stuck with this issue until Ray gets back into form physically and mentally and re-assumes the No. 1 job.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The flying car wouldn't start, so I thought I'd stay home and post

Happy 2008, everyone. Here's a New Year's Day thread to discuss the Winter Classic (i.e. can we get a BoO in before the south side stands at Frank Clair come tumbling down?), the Sens attempt to hold the Caps to under 8 goals and whether Toronto's line scrambling and third string goalie can save their playoff bacon.

UPDATE: 1-0 Sens early - Neil with the first goal of the New Year, Brashear already turtles on McGratton.