Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sens fans in Toronto

Vance's column on Leaf Nation cheering for the Sens includes this tip:
A friend of mine, Rob Brodie, who is a writer for the Ottawa Sun, sent me a funny e-mail he received from Brent Taylor -- a reader with word on where you can go to safely cheer for Ottawa in Toronto.
Brent, a transplanted Senators die-hard said, "Grace O'Malley's (Toronto) -- I believe it's the same owners as Ottawa East location. It's nice -- all Sens fans on game night. I call it the Ottawa Embassy -- except for the fact that it's three blocks from the CN Tower. You would swear you were in Nepean!"
So for those who'd like to cheer on Canada's team with no booing, you have your spot -- no questions asked.

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