Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Politicians Hate Power and Scotiabank Hates Toronto

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Glove tap to Mirtle for finding an article that solidifies my personal belief that becoming a politician involves some sort of process in which the brain is removed. Mayor David Miller, besieged on all sides by a greedy council, the risk of bankruptcy, and increasingly upset natives has decided to seal his political fate by being the first to sign a pledge to support the sens in order to bring the Cup back to Canada.

To spread the word to Torontonians, Scotiabank will be distributing 50,000 copies of the pledge on Thursday May 31st from 7 to 9:30 a.m. at Union Station and the intersection of Yonge and Bloor.
Here is the draft of the pledge:

The Scotia Pledge

I, __________ devoted fan of the ____________________________ solemly (sic, idiots!) swear to set aside team rivalries for the duration of the season and pledge my support to the remaining Canadian team. I hereby dedicate my hockey-loving soul to their quest to bring the glory home to the place where hockey was born, where the game was perfected, where its spirit runs deepest, and where the world's greatest trophy belongs.

To make the pledge, visit (Pledge goes live Thursday May 31st at 5 a.m.)

I encourage everyone that, like me, walks to Union Station to make their morning commute to heckle the idiots behind this jingoistic and shortsighted pledge. Failing the intestinal fortitude to yell at total strangers without having paid a ticket to do so I suggest accepting multiple copies of the pledge and throwing them in the garbage.

Not to belabour a point but the Cup lives in Canada ALL-YEAR ROUND. Not just that, it's in freaking Toronto, ACROSS THE STREET FROM UNION STATION! Seriously, it's one team made up of mostly Canadians playing against another team of mostly Canadians. Unless it's an INTERNATIONAL tournament sports are tribal. Stop trying to change that. I blame political correctness for this travesty of a pledge drive.

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