Friday, May 11, 2007

On Effort, Omens, Goalies, and Magic Switches

After an eye-opening game 1 here is a taste of what some fans have to say about the game and the buildup. I wanted to get Tom's version of 'the sabres lost but we are still so much better because of our magic switch' but he has been busy with other things so here is a sampling of what is up:

Sens Fan in Toronto (A Spy!)

Emery’s game tonight was stellar. The defence let him down on both goals, not his fault. But where was Miller? Did you see the HJR (Huge Juicy Rebound) he gave up right to Comrie? Wow. Let’s hope Ray finds something to do before Saturday’s game.
34 shots against is way too many against a team with actually talented forwards.

Sens Army

Let me leave you with one final thought. Remember Cam Ward? Yeah, he's back - in black!
Is this the funniest/most inappropriate comment ever? Is it wrong to admit that my sides hurt from laughing at that?

Smarting Senators

So if you need someone to rush onto Chippewa Street at 4 a.m. and punch out a bunch of drunken thugs, Emery is your man. Knocking this Sabres team out of the playoffs, well, that’s a different matter. You don’t like our clubs, Ray? Two weeks from now, you might have some other clubs on your mind. Golf clubs.
This is actually an excerpt that JP found from Jerry Sullivan. I wonder if he'll enjoy the taste of humble pie in ten days.

Dispatches from the Aud

While looking good for brief periods, Buffalo overall looked slow, lazy, and completely out of sync. They committed far to many turnovers, and struggled on special teams.
It hurts to have to write recaps like that (I should know) but the nail is hit on the head.

Buffalo Sports Stampede

The Sabres will have to play a better game if they are going to compete with this Ottawa team that was very impressive this evening.
Recognition that the sens are in fact better than the Rangers and Islanders seems to have hit the slugs' fanbase a little hard. Wasn't there a magic switch that was going to move the Sabres from 'just good enough' to 'amazingest team ever in the history of hockey'?

Interchangeable Parts

Pookie is concerned, in an oracle kind of way, for the Sabres; on her drive home from work today she saw a hawk flying overhead with a mouse in its talons, and, she reports, the hawk was red and the mouse was the same color brown as a buffalo. We can only hope that after she passed by the mouse fought back and beat down the hawk.
Well that turned out to be prescient. Apparently what happened was that the hawk played with the mouse for 40 minutes before tearing its insides out over the final 20.

The Sabres looked tonight not unlike how they played against the Islanders, and, um, discovered the Senators are considerably better than that.
What was that famous line about how the sens in Islanders' clothing would be looked upon as sweep material?


Speaking of bad decisions with the puck, the Sabres had nineteen Giveaways to Ottawa’s eight last night. Two of those giveaways led directly to Ottawa goals. Buffalo was lazy with their passes and the Ottawa players hustled to break up and intercept those long, no-look, sloppy passes.

The slugs' weakness is that for all of their talk of depth on defence they lack a number one guy that can calm things down when the forechecking becomes relentless. Expect this stat to stay the same as long as the sens continue to pressure the puck effectively.

Lindy Ruff

"Was it nerves? Maybe they got a little bit rattled."—Lindy Ruff, talking about how the Sabres were a bit shaky.

Weren't the sens supposed to be the mentally weak ones?

Token MSM contribution Dave Shoalts G&M
Talk about your giveaway nights. But this was no fan promotion for the Buffalo Sabres, this was making a gift of the first game of the National Hockey League's Eastern Conference final for the Ottawa Senators. Thanks to 19 giveaways, two of which resulted in goals, including the winner, and their anemic power play, the Sabres gave the Senators a 5-2 win last night in the series opener as well as home advantage.
No worries, sens fans, in Toronto it's generally assumed that Shoalts uses mind-altering drugs as he is generally in opposition to the truth at every turn.

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