Thursday, July 28, 2011

Screw you Rogers.

This is what I get every time I try and watch video about the Jays on TSN or Sportsnet.
Clearly they black out Jays coverage here in California. For what reasons I can't even begin to fathom. Are folks here worried that Jays coverage might steal fans from the Dodgers and Angels? Do I need to send Rogers money to follow my team here, while at home I can go see live games for a toonie?

I know this blackout to be true, and yet I keep trying. I figure one of these days TSN will mess up and forget to code the blackout for my IP.

I can't wait for hockey to start in October...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cupboard not bare anymore

Hockey Prospectus ranks organizational prospects...
via Silver Seven Sens
4. Ottawa Senators: The Senators have steadily built up one of the best systems in the league, as they have upside and depth at every position and have a quite a bright future ahead of them. David Rundblad was an absolute monster offensively in the SEL, while countryman Jacob Silfvergberg looked quite impressive as well. I'm not as high on Nikita Filatov as I once was, but he's an elite talent and a great risk for the price he was had at. Jared Cowen looked fine and has his pre-injury mobility back, although I'm not sure I see first pairing potential in his future. Stephane Da Costa was a great pick-up as the best college free agent out there. Patrick Wiercioch underwhelmed this year, but that is a lone sad story in one of hockey's best pipelines.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs: Acquiring Joe Colborne and Jake Gardiner via trade massively changed the dynamics of this system, although a better 2011 draft could have helped take them to the next level. Colborne is a top-end center prospect, while Gardiner is a fine offensive defenseman who has a couple of kinks in his game. Brad Ross showed decent flashes of skill that could give reason to believe he can be something more than a fourth line player, Jerry D'Amigo simply looked okay and Jesse Blacker showed moments of pure dominance while at other times showing he has some work to do. Nazem Kadri has top-end scoring ability, but I'm not that confident he reaches his ceiling and may be more of a second line winger than a first line center.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hanson gets a job

In Washington.

Christian Hanson was one of those guys you hoped would work out. Huge. Tough. Son of a movie star.

But he just kind of didn't.

You saw the potential. Glimpses of the big power forward just waiting to be unleashed. But the league is full of guys who show glimpses. Heavy on players with potential. Now the Capitals will take their roll of the dice, hoping to be there when this kids A game arrives. I hope it works out for him. Hard working guy. Deserves another shake.

Good luck Christian.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bringing the battle back

Today's signing should make the 6 BoO games a little more exciting if nothing else. Konopka dominated the PIM standings - and I should note that with only 1 more minor penalty than Grabovski.

Interesting he was a good faceoff guy with over 1000 faceoffs with the Isle.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

San Jose (finally) wins Heatley trade

As Andy noted in the comments of the UFA thread, it is being reported that Dirtbag Heatley has been traded to the Minnesota Wild for Martin Havlat.

This feels like a dirty love-triangle in a crummy US soap opera.  

Heatley demanded a trade out of Ottawa as we all know.  He exercised his NMC to avoid a solid trade to Edmonton.  It was said he really wanted to go to San Jose and didn't really intend to permit a trade to the Rangers, the other suitor (too much attention in NY, one would think).  In exchange, the Senators took on Jonathan Cheechoo who is pretty much done in the NHL and Milan Michalek and a second round pick which became - via trade - Andy Sutton (now with Edmonton).

Michalek has shown flashes of offensive brilliance, actually backchecks, and takes a smaller pay than Heatley did (we're still awaiting the greivance on Douchebag's $4M July 1 payout).  When traded to Ottawa, he made a call to fellow Czech NHLer Martin Havlat whom, it was reported, had nothing but good things to say of Ottawa and was excited for his countryman.   Havlat, of course, was one of the favourites in Ottawa having been drafted 26th by the Senators.  What's a little crazy is that the Wild just drafted a Stephen Michalek (unlikley to be related but that would be intriguing)

And so it is now with great irony that Heatley has waived his NMC to move to Minnesota in exchange for Havlat didn't include Minnesota on his 10 'no trade' teams in his modified NMC.  Minnesotia may be an even smaller market than San Jose and perhaps even less 'exciting' than Edmonton as midwest cities go.  Perhaps Heatley liked the fact that Minnesota rotated its Captaincy so he'd have a chance to wear the C.  Well, too bad that ended three years ago and it's unlikely Mikko Koivu will give up that role to the biggest dick in the NHL.

So Heatley now goes from a team that took him to the SCF but deteriorated to miss the playoffs, to a team that was Cup bound but couldn't crack the Finals to a team that hasn't made the playoffs in three years.  Sure, that doesn't sound like a long time to Leaf fans, but they're special and to a real hockey fans, 3 years is a long time.

Well, one more Fuck you to Dany Heatly and I'll be happy to cheer on San Jose in the Final next year after they cruch Vancouver in an earlier round.

Update of intrigue!  Ottawa's home opener is against Minnesota.  This will be a fun night.  However, it will be made even more fun based on the fact that the AHL farm teams for the Senators and the Wild just finished battling for the Calder Cup.  With the big clubs likely to have several players called up or make the NHL squad, it could be an interesting 'rematch'.  Might we have a rather obscure rivalry on the go?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Unrestricted Free Agent Thread - 2011

You all know the drill. Do we need a set-up really?

How's this for interesting:
@tsn_wally 8 former Sens’ goalies looking for work today: Leclaire, Brodeur, McElhinney, Gerber, Emery, Auld, Lalime, Elliott

But hey, don't be nervous about a long-term deal for Anderson, I'm sure he's the exception.

Leafs are after forwards both top and bottom 6.
No idea what Murray has planned.

Should be fun folks!