Friday, May 25, 2007

Better Know An Enemy - The Anaheim Ducks

Don was a little misleading when he said that Earl was holding the fort for Anaheim blogs against an onslaught of sens sites. In fact, I did a little research (I asked Earl) and found that there are some good sites that feature the Ducks. Here are the top 5 sites (or as Earl called them, the 5 Ducks' sites) and a message board which is my special gift to THM and DC so that they don't run out of people to flame. The sites can be found under the enemy tag which makes them my friends.

Battle of California Obviously, everyone knows our fellow Battle Brethren at the BoC. He posted a point-counterpoint series with Ben from sens army that is worth a read. Earl is great with photoshop and cartoons as well as posting drunk (the drinky posts) and he had 10 questions to Ben's 9 so +1 to the Ducks before the series even starts.

Girl with a Puck Finny literally carries a puck with her all of the time but I know for a fact that she was missing it at a crucial time! She aspires to be a writer so her stuff is among the more literate in the underground. She also works over at the HLOG so she knows her stuff.

Anaheim Duck Fan This one is another lady from the stable at the HLOG. Her site is new to me but it has slideshows and pictures which is nice for the visually oriented. Not sure about any theme or specialties but maybe she'll stop by and enlighten us.

Duck's Blog THIS is the site that I hope will carry the torch of trash talking. Granted Tom couldn't do much with what his team was giving him I hope that the Ducks and sens fans give Daniel lots of material. Here's an excerpt to inspire everyone:
We have too many days now to sit at our desks or on the couch and bitch at each other about how kick ass our respective teams are and how much the other team
sucks. I can not wait to hear the jokes about Disney, cartoons, video games, the movies and the market that the Ducks play in. We already know that California is not a hockey market, we don’t give a damn, that, along with the Coach Bombay jokes are over ten years old. I fell like I am in junior high hearing ‘Yo Momma’ jokes, oh snaps, heard that one before. Believe this though, the series won't even be close. Ray Emery isn’t half of any of the three goalies the Ducks just roasted.
Woo-hooo!!! RELEASE THE HOUNDS! I think I just heard THM, DC, and Gee rub their hands in glee. For the record, I completely disagree, Yo Momma jokes are still relevant.

On The Pond This is the Most Valuable Network's contribution to the blogosphere and I get the feeling it's meant to be professional (although somehow Allard still haunts the sens). Well written but lacking in heat. Of course there is a good way to fix that ;)

Dan Wood - OC Register This one is actually professional. Dan Wood writes for the Orange County Register so any questions about Marissa, Seth, Ryan, and the rest of the Cohens and friends should be directed here. Bet Daniel didn't anticipate OC jokes!

All Ducks This one is included especially for the flamers (see what I did there ;)) that need an endless stream of targets. If you run through those 40 fans too quickly there are another 95 here on the official site.

All jokes aside, please Ducks, for the love of all that is good, beat the sens. I don't like the heat and I don't want to have to move to India.

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