Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BoO and Canada's Team

So, while Mike Fisher is edged out of the Olympic team by Richards he has the solace that he doesn't have to suffer on the Leafs.  Oh, and he gets to hair-tug Carrie Underwood.

Meanwhile, two douchebags with ties to the BoO play roles on Canada's Olympic and Junior teams.  You all know I'm referring to Heatley in that first reference, tying up the Senator's contribution to douchebaggery on the teams that represent Canada on the international stage.  But what of Toronto?  Well, Kadri is taking care of doucheness at the Junior level.  

The Senators got rid of their douchebag.  The Leafs can't wait to get theirs.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well now....

.... that was fucking calamitous.

The Pens win over the Senators thereby bringing Yoda out for his third post of the 09/10 season.

Lesson's we learned:

  • Leclaire had the puck-in-face fear his first game back from a sub-orbital fracture.  I know how that feels - it took half a year for me to get back in front of infield grounders after getting a baseball right below the eye for 13 stitches.  Clouston made a mistake putting him in.  Elliott should`ve played until post-Christmas;
  • Matt Cooke is a huge fucking pussy.  He takes Donovan out for several weeks with a knee-on-knee and then pussies out on a fight with a 37 y/o lacking 1.5 ligaments;
  • Chris Neil, also back from several weeks of a knee injury, takes on a guy 10x bigger and bleeds him.  Fuck yeah Chris Neil.
  • Kovalev can play.  He, next to Ruutu, was one of the better Senators on the night.  Now start doing it more often, man!
  • As Alfie goes, so go the Senators.  And Michalek showed more balls than Heatley has ever fondled in sticking up for Alfie.
  • 47 shots/2 goals.  Soooo much more frustrating than 25 shots/no goals.

Adams & Cooke better pay the next time the teams meet or my g/f is going to start mailing tortured Arctic Penguins from the Papineau Zoo to Mario.

Oh yeah, the Leafs lost, but that's not news.

I got drunk with NSFW

Just got back from a little work stint in Toronto this week. The cool part of the trip was Monday night.

After a long day working outside in the cold we hit up the bar (Shoeless Joe's) attached to our hotel just down the street from the ACC. We had a bite to eat and started watching the game when a couple guys sat down beside us. One of the guys was Jiri Tlusty.

Long story short... We ended up watching the game with Jiri, talking hockey and about the players he's played with and against, who he liked on the team and who he didn't, how he felt about getting traded and the prospect of playing for Maurice again. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I had seen pictures of his penis.

Apparently he was back in Toronto because his work Visa had expired so he was unable to play for Carolina or their farm team until that paperwork was finalized.

All in all Tlusty was a pretty cool guy and ended up telling us some pretty cool stories about the guys on the team and life as a hockey player. I'm going to have a hard time expensing the $360 bar bill that we accumulated from 6pm-3am, but it was worth it. I'm a little busy with work and finishing up my Christmas shopping so I'm probably out of commission until at least next week but I'll post the full story when I get back.

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas week in the BoO

Ok, so with Muppet stuffing himself for a month with Pad Thai and the rest of us apparently occupied with real-life activities, that last post is a little stale.

Since then, we've seen the following:

*Ruutu is making a case for a contract extension.  Anshu was right - he's playing very, very good all-round hockey of late.

One more game each this week as Toronto faces leading rookie scorer, John Tavares and Ottawa faces the Pens who will now appear in the details of the "Most shutouts by an NHL goalie" entry of the NHL record book.

I won't be around much for the next week - I suppose not too many will be.   Have a safe & Happy Holidays, all!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Order is restored

Having planned the 2010 Stanley Cup route after Toronto's admittedly undeserved win over Ottawa, Toronto - led by Toskala and representing the highest financially valued team - returned to form, shitting the bed 6-3 against the team that can't make a dime.   But hey, Kessel scored, so everything is ok, right?

Meanwhile, Ottawa began 2 months of Spezza free play, taking on the top team in the NE in a 4-pointer, earning Elliott his 2nd shutout on the season.    Perhaps the strangest thing in this game (even moreso that seeing Kovalev try) was regularly seeing three Senators D-men on the ice in 5-on-5 play.  No wait, that's not right.... Campoli was a winger last night. 

Alfie's advice to Campoli:

 “You can turn the puck over a few times and the defence will back you up.” 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 World Junior Roster

All set and ready to go.
Nasty Nazem Kadri and Jared "Lurch" Cowen to represent the BoO.

I was in attendance for the USA, Russia and gold medal (Sweden) games in Ottawa last year and let me tell ya, it's going to be hard for this years team to top those games.

First prelim game against Latvia at 3pm on Boxing Day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009


Sorry for missin the live thread boys. My bros were over and beer was a flowin. Plus, I'm on call this week. Made for some interesting calls.

Ooh, ooh. I had drunken memories of Lalime when I watched Blake shovel that weak backhander in on Elliott. Pure awesomeness.

Game notes:

-Alfredsson is a douche... and getting older. (Beauchemin shoulda fucked him up)
-The leafs finally won a game that they probably didn't deserve to win. For a change.
-Toskala played... umm... solid (3 or 4 games in a row? WTF?)
-Carkner redemption on Orr? Nuh uh. Lucky punch, wont happen again.
-Hockey taste like elbow. Ex-teamates not have niceness, eh Kovalev?
-Kessel has more sperm in one testicle than the whole Sens squad combined. (Wesssssssley Snipes baby)
-Its hockey, not soccer... Winchester.

Update. 2 points out of a playoff spot.

GDT: Battle of Ontario Part 3. Senators @ Leafs

Ok, folks. As promised on Saturday, we're bringing live blogging (courtesy of CoverItLive). I've sent out invites to those whose e-mails I could scrounge up so I don't have to add during the event. I might miss the start if the g/f commands it, but will be in on the fun ASAP.

The next installment of the BoO takes place tonight. While Leafs fans tend to gather at Pension Plan Puppets for their regular Leaf game weep in, and Senators fans have had the opportunity for some time to live blog Senators games over at Scarlett Ice, this installment brings the first opportunity to have real-time commenting for the games that bring the two sides of the Battle of Ontario together.

We'll open things up at 6:45 pm tonight. Be patient if it's not working right off the bat. It's the first attempt at this and I think it's free-commenting (i.e., no comment approvals required), but it's not terribly clear. Anyone familiar with the program is welcome give pointers.

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Keep rollin, rollin, rollin.

Now I know y'all be lovin this shit right here.

Leafs last 10: 7-3-0
Sens last 10: 4-5-1

Pretty important night in the East.

With a Leafs win, a Boston win, a Florida win, an Atlanta win, and a Buffalo win, the Leafs would move from 14th into a tie for 10th and would be 2 points out of the playoffs!!!1.

C'mon Santa. Other than that little mishap with the hooker, I've been pretty damn good this year. Make it happen.

Sidenote: I will be playing the exact opposite on my Proline ticket tonight.

No 3 point games please.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

GDT: #15 @ 6 & #1 @ 14

The best and the worst of the Eastern Conference play the teams of the Battle of Ontario tonight at 7:00 for both games.

#1 Washington visits the only team with more points than Carolina at the ACC. Poolers with Ovechkin, Green, Backstrom and Varlamov should pull up a chair and a nice bottle of wine and watch their fortunes (and pool positions) improve.

#6 Ottawa, coming off a rather well fought (though terribly boring) shutout against the preseason Eastern favorites, is visited by said only team worse than the Leafs in Carolina. Eric Cole, resurgent in the last several weeks after a Spezza-like start & Uh-oh Corvo are on the IR, but Cam Ward is back in the mix.

I don't know if it's intentional, but if you look at Carolina's website, it looks like all the fans are covered in blood. With the Canes getting slaughtered in the standings this year, it's quite apropos. Maybe Dexter moved to Raleigh.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Preview - BoO Part III GDT: Now with live bloggy sweetness!

This is a preview for what we'll be seeing on the BoO every time the two participants share the ice. Click the "Read More" link below. I'll move this up the site on Monday, but consider yourselves notified!

The next installment of the BoO takes place this coming Monday night. While Leafs fans tend to gather at Pension Plan Puppets for their regular Leaf game weep in, and Senators fans have had the opportunity for some time to live blog Senators games over at Scarlett Ice, this installment brings the first opportunity to have real-time commenting for the games that bring the two sides of the Battle of Ontario together.

We'll open things up at 6:45 pm on Monday. Be patient if it's not working right off the bat. It's the first attempt at this and I think it's free-commenting (i.e., no comment approvals required), but it's not terribly clear. Anyone familiar with the program is welcome give pointers.

Note: I'll be pulling DHS's tweets in (unless objected to by DHS) and the BoO tweets. If any twitterers (is that a word?) from either side of the aisle are out there, let me know via the normal comments and I'll set them up to be pulled in to the live chat.

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This and That II

You're a GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs receiving guidance from a former GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Justin Pogge or Tuukka Rask?


This and that

I hate Jason Blake.

And the Senators.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009









I hate Jason Bla...

I love Jason Blake.

FU Roloson

Pretty quiet around here. I wonder why?

With the third best record in the East in the last 10 games the Leafs are looking to hit double digits in the win column tonight.

Hopefully the horseshoe fell out of Roloson's ass.

C'mon lads. Win one for Muppet.

Monday, December 07, 2009

GDT: Atlanta @ Toronto

Ok, let's push the Muppet love fest down a bit.

All that needs to be said about tonight's match that sees Atlanta heading to Toronto for a 7 pm start is this:

Put Kovalchuk in your Fantasy lineup and win the night.

Leaf Nation

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for over a month in Southeast Asia. It wasn't easy wrangling that much time off from work, but luckily I'm a Leaf fan and my boss seems to like me. The trip will take me to Thailand, Vietnam and if we have time Cambodia. I'm going to attempt to find a Leaf game on TV somewhere in one of those countries. I'll document my efforts and try and get here to post how this is going, or just put something together when I get back.

A few Things:

1. Five-O you'll really have to hold the Leafs side of this thing together brother!

2. Leafs are 5-2-1 in their last 8 and the Sens 1-4 in their last five. I really hope that trend continues while I'm away.

3. If for some reason, I never make it back (we are doing some trekking in Vietnam), know that I don't really hate the Sens or Sens fans that much. They're the teams score I check right after the Leafs. Wait. I do that because I want to enjoy them losing. Never mind then, I do hate the Sens. Fans are OK though...

Talk soon...



I had Kovalev in this table as well earlier but that's a little unfair.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

"You know what your problem is?"

That's a question, asked of a Leafs fan in reference to the (mis)fortunes of the Toronto club, that will be answered with:

a) "No." or b) "There is no problem."

Well, THM has the answer to that question and it lies in the subject of this next quote:

"He brings a tremendous amount of experience and I know that he will make an immediate impact [...]," said Burke.

Now whom was Burke speaking of?

Ok, let us, for a moment, forgive the failings of the Swiss cheese defense, the one-man offense, and moonlighting* coach who can't be fired until March. What is left to address?

Goaltending. But what, specifically, about the goaltending? We've talked plenty about the thus-far undeserved praise about twice-ablated Montster Jo' and the overpayment of Toskala but we've completely ignored the one guy common amongst all goaltenders (aside from playing for the Teacher's recreation squad).

"Francois Allaire" would be the answer to the above queries. Thus far untouched, I think it's time to look at what this guy has produced: two 3+ and one 4+ GAA goaltenders with a combined total of 8 wins in 28 games played. He, himself, is credited with 20 games played in his career.... in Thetford Mines. That's not even the AHL.

He's said to have been the reason Roy won two Cups. Roy was a natural talent. Good on FA to take the credit. He's said to have been the reason JSG was stellar... for a year and a half.

According to Wikipedia,

"The 'Allaire style' stresses sound positioning, getting down into the butterfly, and taking up as much net as possible. He has encouraged his goalies to wear the biggest allowable gear."
What, exactly, did goalies do prior to the 'advent' of 'sound positining' and 'taking up as much as the net as possible? And biggest allowable gear.... maybe the guys aren't comfortable with that. Maybe, instead of presenting a stationary wall, they'd like some mobility. You know.... that might be useful in the 'new NHL'.

You want to see the team stop letting in goals? Dump Allaire.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Coach of the year?

I remember when Brian Burke was on The Hour when the Leafs were 7 miserable games deep into the season and Strombo asked him if Ron Wilson's job was at risk. As Burke had also told reporters, panelists and probably a few others at the time:


Well, the title of this post is intended to get Sens fans backs up, but the truth is when you look at how the Leafs have been playing for the last month or so and then you read a quote I've pasted below, one does wonder if Wilson could have a chance of taking home the Jack if the team keeps this up and does the unthinkable - makes the playoffs?

"If they play at this pace they're going to get in the playoffs," Hitchcock said. "They look like a team that's starting to figure out the balance between offence and defence.

"They're quick. They get on you quick. It just looks like to me there's a coordination on the checking side that Ron (Wilson) has wanted. The team looks exactly the same way as San Jose when Ron was there, checking-wise."

Nicely said big man. Nicely said.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Game Day Thread - Goodbye Naked Guy Edition

Leafs at Columbus and Sens at Kings tonight.

But first, Jiri Tlusty has been traded to the Hurricanes. Burke sends the Leafs 2006 1st round choice to Carolina for their 2009 27th overall pick Philippe Paradis. Not gonna lie here, never heard of the guy, but The Star says he's a power forward with 19 points and 43 PIM's in the Q this season.
Tlusty, unfortunately, will not be remembered for his contributions to the team in 74 games over a few seasons, but instead his cell phone camera and his twig and berries.

See ya later kid.

Leafs are 7 points back of Tampa who hold the 8th playoff spot, and Toronto has a game in hand. Do the math folks.

Senators lost their last one and face a pretty good team in LA. I think the odds are against them, but even a 7-2 wins the pot sometimes.

I'm on a stopover on my way out east so that's all I got. Have at 'er.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Post game hangover

Surprisingly not much chatter after a rather significant night for each of the BoO teams though both situations had a mix of the good and the evil. 

For the bad guys, a 3-0 shutout against the Habs in downtown Montreal is a big win.  The first divisional win and the first shutout gives added oompf to an important 2 points.  However, goalie-of-the-future (tongue in cheek) Gustavsson suffered an elevated heart rate midway through the 1st and had to be taken to hospital for "precautionary" evaluation.  At this point, following early season heart surgery (of the minor sort), "precautionary" evaluation should include every possible known test for this young talent (whom I personally will cheer for in the 2014 Olympics against the US, Finland, etc., but loath in the blue and white).

Here's hoping 100,000+ years of human evolution influenced by environmental stimuli and crossing of varied strands of DNA helices sees him through this into a much healthier career.

For the good guys, they traveled to the new home of selfish, douchebag, team-last, He(atly)first, Alfie/Fisher-hater,  Dany Heatley for their first post-abuse of NTC game.  The Sharks won, to be sure with DH picking up 2 helpers.  However, the quo for the Senators quid came out on top with 2 in the net to win the man-for-man battle.  Sadly, Chris Neil wasn't around to enlarge fuck-face's other pupil.

Now have at it.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Double header Tuesday

The Sens play the late game (10:30 on Sportsnet) in San Jose. The BoC Sharks contributor Mike Chen gives his take on the return of Michalek and Cheechoo - mainly 'Cheech':
There aren't too many players where you can point to one injury that jacks up their entire career, but Cheechoo's dramatic fall from NHL glory seems to come almost exclusively from his double-sports hernia surgery following the 2006-07 season. He's just never been the same after that.
While Michalek will probably get warm applause, I'm guessing an outpouring of affection for Cheechoo, including the return of the famous "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH" call and perhaps a few train whistles. You bust your ass for us, we'll always have your back.

We'll be watching Heatley of course - hopefully being given a ride by the A-train or Carkner.

In Montreal (7:30 on TSN), the Leafs look to get to 20pts on the year. It's really unlikely as they suck so bad.
One of the guys from Four Habs Fans says: "Whatever happened to that whole truculence thing?"
Well, I'd say they got part of it down. Linking those to wins is the problem.
Taking a quick glance at some stats, the Leafs may end up being the first team since the 2002-2003 Blue Jackets to have more fighting majors than points in a season. Congrats!

Also, the Leafs as the Stones I get, but Trust? Bad.

Give him a 10 year, 4.5mil per, with a NMC!

DJ makes a case for Ian White - surely he deserves more money than Komisarek!