Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Lowest Common Denominator

While everyone likes a little trash-talk the respectfully arrogant kind is the most enjoyable. I think most people here would agree. However, everyone once in a while you visit Habsblog to see multiple exclamation points, random caps lock, slanderous comments, and for a little bit of affirmation that no matter how bad you feel you are still above the lowest common denominator.

Well a series that is dripping with hate just picked up two more outlets. We Hate Your Team represents the slugs, the dentally challenged, and the 4-time grade 3 spelling bee participant. Meanwhile, We Hate The Sabres gives an outlet to the boring (really, they are fellow Canadians so there can't be that much wrong with them aside from their hockey allegiances) senator fans.

The message board will give you flashbacks to a certain bleu, blanc, et rouge site but the photoshopped pictures are top draw.

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