Thursday, May 24, 2007

That darn work/life balance

So, I actually got on hold this morning for tickets. I had to pass the phone over to a co-worker to buy the tickets as I was late for a design review. I thought I had explained everything - I wanted a pair of standing rm tickets for Game 4.

I find out he got the tickets (after 30 minutes on hold - and only non-alcohol left - standing room no-alcohol??) but I actually failed to mention the Game 4 part - so he bought Game 3. Then, it turns out they are home game 3 - Game 6 if req'd. I could go to it but the Monday, June 4th game is best for me. (I've got a post up on Craigslist to swap them for Game 4.)

4 other friends hammering on the re-dial button failed to get through.

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