Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Favour...

To Whom It May Concern In Heaven (or whatever any reader believes in),

Amid the celebrations Saturday (Wrath of Alfie indeed) one of Ottawa's biggest fans lost his battle with cancer.
"Hey, buddy, the Senators game is on, do you want to go down and play?" she asked. "He bolted out of bed -- it's the most movement he's had in days." Surrounded by his friends and family, Elgin watched most of the game, but as his oxygen levels began to drop dangerously low, his parents knew his time was short. Hamish and Victoria had everyone leave the room while they spent their final few moments with their son. "His favourite song is O Canada, so we were singing it to him as he took his last few breaths," said Victoria.
Thanks to Duff for bringing the story to everyone's attention. Whatever way the finals go at least Elgin got to see his team qualify for the final and one can only assume that he left with a smile on his face. Everyone sends the Frasers their heartfelt condolences as anyone that has had cancer affect their family knows that its reach extends beyond the afflicted. Please watch over Elgin as he is shepherded to a better place.

Update: Sherry has a really great picture and write up as well.

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