Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Playoff Memories XVI: Those Old Time Blues

Well that was the first time the sens had faced a team that hit back and could forecheck and it caused all sorts of trouble especially for the pairing of Redden and Meszaros who looked more regular than post season last night. Emery made the saves when needed (almost always) but looked shaky while trying to corral a few rebounds. And in the biggest surprise of the night (not really) a line with three checkers (Pittsburgh had none, the Devils two got worked, and the Sabres only play offence) was able to physically dominate the Pizza Line who did themselves no favours with repeated turnovers. In short, it was the first glimpse of the playoff sens that Leaf fans have come to know, love, and mock since this game (our featured flashback) against the slugs last year.

Similarities that you'll notice, and some that you will probably remember, are the two sens goals came on the powerplay while 5 on 5 they created few chances. The slugs also outhit, outhustled, and outworked the sens. Cliches perhaps but true nonetheless. Sit back and enjoy a scene that will hopefully repeat itself three more times and thereby deliver us all from evil.

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