Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Reasoning

Following THM's excellent display of citizenship I wrote to my Tory MP (much to my chagrin), the Honourable Rick Norlock, expressing similar sentiments of disillusion. Here is his response and the Tory justification.

Thank you for your correspondence concerning Shane Doan. I appreciate receiving your comments in this regard and understand fully the points you have raised.

Please rest assured that I do not support the Opposition's allegations against Shane Doan. We voted to have Hockey Canada appear in front of the Standing Committee on Official Languages because the Opposition continues to make allegations about Hockey Canada and Shane Doan in the House of Commons, a place where neither Shane Doan nor Hockey Canada can defend themselves.

By allowing Hockey Canada and Sport Canada to appear in front of the committee, they can provide their side of the story, on the Parliamentary record, and hopefully put this matter to rest.

In other words, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and even then it will still freaking complain and if not about that then about something equally stupid until everyone gets fed up and unites to evict them from the Confederation. Anyway, if anyone wrote to their MPs, they are from other parties, and would like to share the responses e-mail them to me and I'll add them here.

Mirtle points us to a larger forum where, to assuage Indrew's worries, our voices might get heard.

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