Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drop those pom-poms, let's get scouting

[via Sens photo gallery]

Questions churning through my brain at this hour:

Is JSG the best goaltender they've run up against yet in the playoffs?

Can Pronger / O'Donnell or Beauchemin / Niedermeyer shut down Heatley / Spezza / Alfredsson? Could Selke Sammy P. do it all himself?

Which Ottawa defensive pairing is going to be under the most pressure this series, if any?

Will Ottawa's splendid road special teams help take the edge off the ducks home ice?

Which ducks line scares you the most - McDonald/Selanne or Penner/Getzlaf/Perry?

Can Bryan Murray outcoach Randy Carlyle?

Will Todd Marchant pull a clutch goal or two out of his bag of tricks?

Will the Sens remember how to skate after more than a week off? Does anyone even remember the last time the Sens played the Ducks in the regular season?[*]

Will the entire series degenerate into displays of non-fatal slapstick violence, ingenious escapes from danger, wild vehicular stunts and the rectification of injustices suffered by those with no formal route of appeal?

Is the West Coast the best coast? Are you ready for some California Love? Is 2Pac really dead?

We need answers.

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