Monday, May 14, 2007

Round 3, Game 3: Boot to the throat

[above: They're all growns up]

Keys to Game 3:

1. Be prepared for another early Sabres onslaught and don't sweat it if the first one or two go in. Senators are notorious for allowing a flurry of activity around their net early in games. The good thing is they've overcome these tension breakers with remarkable composure. Definitely one of the redeeming features of Senators 2.0.

2. As in 1., look for the zebras to catch up on some missed calls early in the game. Despite their timid 0 fer 12 powerplays in the first two games, you can't let the Sabres get their special teams back into this.

3. There were a couple of guys who I thought were due for a goal in Game 2. Schaefer and Vermette looked great along the boards and screaming after the puck. Schaefer rarely shoots and it seems he hasn't scored in ages, but it'd be great if he could get a bounce here or there.

4. Another guy I'd like to see have a better game is Christoph Schubert. He seems to be taking penalties way out of proportion to his ice time, and a lot of them have to do with not keeping up with the play (he's a team low -3 in the post season).

5. Despite the holes exposed on Ryan Miller, he's really had Dany Heatley's number, coming up with some great stops in close. 10 shots on goal, but no dice yet for the Heater. Time to break that shutout bid.

Open thread for War of 1812 smack, Scott Norwood props and Mike Keith impersonations (hang in there, haloscan!)

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