Wednesday, September 19, 2012

THM's Day of Smugness

This place is dead and has no hopes of revival unless Don recruits new commenters and hands over the keys.  I've got a kid coming in a few months and, aside from that, I'm too old for this shit.

Except when something really great comes along.

Oh hey, something DID!

So for today, start with this link, skipping (if you like) to the 2nd article and its embedded links.

Next, think to yourself: "Wait... Allaire and the Leafs just parted ways.  Must've been Burke being a dumbass GM again and f'ing things up because, as Muppet has said all along, Allaire is untouchable"

Ruminating for a while on that, you'll then move on to read the daily sports news and end up here:

Oh my...

"Allaire’s approach with his goalies hadn’t altered even though rule changes meant his insistence on the butterfly technique wasn’t working"   (h/t to Chemmy of PPP for the easy copy+paste)

No idea how to change out the comment system anymore folks, and I don't have the energy to dig.  Just follow TDT's in the side panel if things don't work.