Saturday, October 31, 2009

Atlanta @ Ottawa GDT

Not since Antoine Vermette left have we seen such bare-chested imagery on the BoO.  So definitely we need to push that beefcake down the page.  

Sens to win 5-3 without Spezza or Volchenkov but also without piggy flu.

"Go Sens Go!" she says.

Trick or treat?

Sens against Atlanta this afternoon while the Leafs and Habs tussle tonight.

For the Sens, they need to take advantage of a Kovalchuk free Thrashers and get the 2pts - and no giving the opposition a free one.

Hope your candy bag is full tonight.

Friday, October 30, 2009

But can he make the headlines with his hockey equipment on?

Leafs @ Sabres

Tlusty hasn't been able to bring his AHL game to the big show and the Leafs always get killed in Buffalo.

Is it too much to ask for both things to change starting tonight? It's been over a year and no more naked pictures have surfaced from Tlusty, so I guess anything is possible.

I'm just sayin'.....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Sens 3rd Period is starting...

This can be the thread.
I expect, with the score 3-0, that not many Sens fans will be in the mood to chat. Especially when "the guy you traded Heatley for" just missed on a breakaway against Mike Smith and his sub .900 %. Right DC?

So, lets talk about the Leafs instead with some news:

Macdonald and Stalberg sent down, Toskala and Tlusty are in. Phil Kessel ready to go Tuesday according to Wilson.

That's right. Kessel will be ready Tuesday in time for the Lighting and Mike Smith's soon to be above .900 save percentage.

Good Times!

Je m'appelle une douchebag

Not to excuse the stupid penalty that Ponikarovsky took before Ribeiro pulled his shit on Komisarek to make it a 5 on 3... but fuck... this guy really needs to be put on dive watch by the league.

Other than that the Leafs played really well. Two points would have been nice but hey, beggers can't be choosers. If they keep playing like this the points will come.

PS. Gustavsson is friggin awesome.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leclaire out

Leclaire is pulled after the 1st for flu-like symptoms.  The panic that set through Sens Army about his ankle is unwarranted.  Phew.   I suppose we can assume other Sens will fall victim to the flu in the next couple of days.  Hey.... I'd rather see the team suffer the flu to start the season than suffer 7 big losses and the hugest-win-in-the-history-of-the-NHL against a West Coast team of tomato cans.

There's hilarity in delusion

This article by Mike Zeisberger has some gems that are sure to wet the pants of any level headed sports fan.

On Monster Jo's 1st win:

"it might be difficult for coach Ron Wilson to put anyone else in net for the next few days, weeks, even years, without creating a revolt within Leafs Nation."  

On what is known to future generations as "THE Save":

"His miraculous lunging stop off the Ducks' Eric Christensen early in the first period" 

(I may change his name to Jesus Jo' Monster after that one)

And representing Leaf Nation, commenter number 2: StuGatzFromMississauga @ 10:17 a.m.

"All I ever wanted was a goalie who can make a save to keep the team in every game. It looks like the monster will be that guy."

After one win against a West Coast bottom feeder StuGatz?  Really Stu?  

Karlsson to Bingo

Good column by Scanlan on the demotion. Importantly, he's already been given permission to play for Sweden in the World Juniors.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And don't it feel good

Sorry Don. This is our day. No one gives a shit about the next Jani Hurme.

Now if you want to talk about a real goalie...


The Sens put out a weekly prospect update and included in Lehner's (2nd rnd pick this draft) weekly update it says "Received Fighting Major + Game Misconduct vs. Erie on Oct. 24".

He's a goalie.

Video here.

Good Morning Leaf Fans!

Things you woke up knowing:

1. You have a goaltender who can make a highlight reel stop once in a while.
2. Your PP is now ranked 2nd in the NHL.
3. Your PK is still last.
4. There are 73 games left.
5. Tomorrow it's back to wringing your hands in Dallas...

Forget all about that though. Today I just want you to enjoy the dead monkey lying on the floor behind you and be happy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghost of truculence past

Alright. I'm sick of the Leafs jokes.
We need to kick some fucking ass tonight.

Like this guy used to.

Sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse.

A co-worker (a Sens fan of course) comes up to me this morning and says "Hey! What's the difference between a triangle and the Leafs?"

"2 points" he says. "Hahahahahahahaaa!!!!!"

I slit his throat and pissed on his corpse.

Well, I imagined doing it.

I can't believe we missed it!

It's with great regret that I announce that we missed celebrating a truly magnificient achievement this weekend.

2000 days is a long time. It's when oil was $40 a barrel, Paul Martin was well in control of the government, Reagan was alive, and Raycroft and Toskala had the 6th and 7th best GAA in the league.

Free Countup Timers at


No seriously, it really is...

Leafs at Ducks: 10:00pm

Friday, October 23, 2009

This says it all.....

There you go Conrad....

Don't Fu¢k with DIDO!

Broken femur and shattered knee cap. NHL dreams put in question. A year of intense rehab with no guarantee you'll ever be as good a hockey player when it's complete.

And Chris DiDomenico says this:

"It was just a little setback. It's a part of the game. I can't look back and say if I would have done this, or if I wouldn't have chased the puck this wouldn't have happened. I have to overcome stuff like that. It's just a bump in the road."

Get this kid a stall at the ACC as soon as possible. He's already skating and doing 2 hours a day of rehab and has put back on 25 lbs since the surgery. He busted his femur in May. Incredible.

Monster Update: Gustavsson has recovered from the groin thingy and is taking part in full practices. There's rumblings he could get the Saturday start, but probably they will play it safe and put him in against the Ducks Monday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can I help with your publishing career THM?!!

I have another coaching tip for your Ron Wilson book. If I'm going to latch onto your talent I only have one request: No hotel room protests.

#9: Reduce the size of the ice.

Yes, Ron and his merry band of stressed out coaches took the Leafs to Mike Gartner's rinks out in Newmarket for a Leafs 3-on-3 tournament on small ice. Luke Schenn did get his first win of the year... never mind.

Dear Publisher....

Please accept for your review this draft chapter list for a manuscript I'm working on. I plan to title as follows:

Guide to Coaching in the NHL
by Ron Wilson
with foreword by Don Cherry.

 Chapter 1:
Blame the media

Chapter 2:
Blame the players

Chapter 3:
Protect the goalie

Chapter 4:
Throw goalie under bus

Chapter 5:
Play tennis to hone hockey skills

Chapter 6:
Cross fingers & wait for Phil Kessel sans Savard

Chapter 7:
Set up MMA challenge ladder in practice 

Chapter 8:
When to face reality

When selecting the editor, I would be most appreciative if you avoided Damien Cox or Steve Simmons.

Everything completely normal here at MLSE...

This from the Toronto Star today:

Wilson has seen his clubs battle out of early season holes before. Twice he has been behind the bench of teams that won one game or less of their first 10 and still managed to claw their way back into the playoffs.

One was the 1996-97 Anaheim team, but that was a little skewed because they started the season without Paul Kariya, then took off when he returned to the lineup.

The other was a workmanlike, pre-Joe Thornton San Jose squad in 2003-04 led by Patrick Marleau and former Leaf Alyn McCauley. It won only two of its 14 games and three of its first 19 but still managed to top the Pacific Division and make it to the conference final.

Ahhhh. So this is all destiny!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carkner signing

Murray announces a 2yr 1way contract for $700k per.
He was to be a UFA at the end of the season.

Update: There's a reason her blog isn't called The Universal Optimist.

Double double face punching contest winner.

Rumours a swirlin that this thoroughbred is available.
I've been dying to see this guy in a Leafs jersey since he first came into the league.

Oh wait. It was a Garrioch rumour.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Grrrrrr.... err, meow? FML.

Gustavsson in full gear again.

And hey, did anyone notice we're only 13 points out of first place?

Fuck my life.

Do it for the kids

To see the ACC filled with these bags and boo's raining down on the Leaf players, Wilson, and Burke - it would just swell my heart. All that love for the kids.

3 more wins next year!

This post, noticed by Antro, needs it's own post.
Except they didn't improve: they played historically bad hockey for seven games, then played approximately .420 hockey for the next 157 games.

Spread the love. And the ice time.

As we Sens fans all know, and former Sens players wearing #15 don't, ice time is a good indicator of the skill and commitment of the members of a team. While thugs and one dimensional players serve less than 10 minutes a game, consistency and effort is rewarded.

Senators coach Cory Clouston has done a good job of spreading the workload around this season. Kuba (who’s played only one game), Phillips and Volchenkov are the only players averaging more than 20 minutes of ice-time a game with Phillips at 21:01 and Volchenkov and Kuba at 20:56. Nine other players have averaged between 17 and 20 minutes a game. Seven others are between 10 and 14 minutes.

Interestingly, while Dany "I want 30 minutes a game" Heatley was gliding around an ice rink in a city where hockey doesn't belong, the Thrashers visited a guy who gets zero minutes on the ice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

5 on 3 PK

Chris Neil in the box first. Joining him mere seconds later: Chris Phillips.

It's a 5 on 3 penalty kill.

On the ice for the Sens:   Anton Volchenkov, Chris Campoli and.... guess who.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

GDT: Kovlev goes home & Top meets bottom.

Two separate games this weekend with different degrees of significance.

First up:  Leafs v. Rangers

(click image for larger version)

Pretty simple here on this one.  It's top & bottom.  We've all known Leafs to be the bottom over the years, except when considering their fans who take it from their team year after year. The surprisingly first place Rangers (is Redden being benched?) take on the lowly bottom dwellers of Toronto at home.

Will Ol' MacDonald become the latest team savior?  Could this be the first win of the year for the blues?  Or will it be different goalies, same result?    

Today's lineup here.  Reimer in net in the 3rd.

Second match:  Sens @ Habs.

Kovi goes home.  It's sure to be an emotional night for AK27, but will it be a dismal affair for the 10th placed Sens with "lazy Alex" or will les Habs fans get look back at the jaw popping performance of "l'artiste" taking it to their 2-4-0 team.     Sens fans are, obviously, hoping for the latter as this is a 4 point game in the North East.  

Today's lineup here

Friday, October 16, 2009

74 Words that will make Leaf fans happy.

Injured winger Phil Kessel (shoulder) looked tremendous while working out at full speed with the team today. This was Kessel's second practice, but he was right up to tempo in terms of skating and shooting

There's been plenty of speculation the past two days that Kessel is well ahead of the original projected return of mid-November. Kessel says he has a return date "circled in his mind," but wouldn't say what the date was.

I had a disclaimer here but removed it. Screw it. I like the predictability, have at it...

A few thoughts before I shut the laptop and head downstairs for a beer...

1. Would anybody who barked that Kessel only succeeded last season because of his Bruins line-mates now think that maybe it's the Bruins that miss him? So far Krejci with two assists... Boston fans wondering if the money went to the right guy by now?

2. Who agrees that Ottawa has a ridiculously easy schedule until mid-November? I see only a few games against teams that made the playoffs last year. Best continue to take advantage. Mid November through December looks a hell of a lot tougher.

3. Anybody actually think the Leafs will win Saturday night against the Rangers? I don't. Which leaves a whole week for the media and fan hyper-tension to grow. It may be the longest 7 days some of the newer Leafs have ever experienced.

4. Four Leaf goaltenders and not one has shown they can be an NHL #1 goaltender this season. Phil, you better score a shitload of goals son!

We aren't the Leafs...

Vous descendez demain.
Nice touch on the intro.
HT FourHabFans

Cheer up Leaf fans

Always look on the bright side of life.

NHL caves to Leaf pressure.

Coming off the wire....


Toronto Maple Leafs pleased with NHL Rule Changes

President and General Manager Brian Bruke announced today that the Toronto Maple Leafs were pleased with the direction the NHL is going to introduce more scoring into the game.

"This is best for the game and for our fans. While we are obviously excited about the introduction of tennis balls to the game and expect our small, soft forwards to be able to finally put something in the net, we are concerned about the bouncing ball around our own net. Our coach, Ron Wilson, has had the team practicing with tennis balls for some time, as is obvious from our play with the old style rubber puck."

Tracking Post update









Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Perfect Game.

Don called it.

"This is a game I'm watching for the Sens to come out strong."

Let's break down the perfection:

Primary scoring:  

Michalek with a hattie, 2 shorthanded, 1 PPG.  Assists from Alfie, Spezza, Ruutu, & Volchenkov.

Kovalev with his second.  Assists from Alfie (twice) and Spezza.

Secondary scoring:

Foligno.  Assists from Phillips & A-Train

Picard.  Assists from Ruutu & Kelly.

Ruutu.  Assists from Kelly & Karlsson.

At least one each of EV, SH, PP goals.



SV%: .941

Truculence & Beligerence

Chris Neil:  5 for fighting (Konopka), 2+2+2 min for roughing, 10 for misconduct.  

Matt Carkner:  5 for fighting (Downie),

Anton Volchenkov:  2 for roughting.

Chris Phillips :  5 for fighting (Konopka) [check here]

Pizza?  Fuck yeah.

Heatley?  Fuck you.

"Oh," Leaf fans will say, "it was only Tampa!"  

Yeah, and 7-1 is how you're supposed to play a team like Tampa.

Sens / Lightning

This is a game I'm watching for the Sens to come out strong. They need to view the games against the teams expected to fight for the last few playoff spots as 4pt games. They won them against the Leafs, Isle, and Thrashers and need to keep it going against this improved Tampa team.

Offensively we been more focussed on Kovalev's first goal than Spezza's. I think the latter is more important to the club. Brent Wallace's tweet a few minutes ago made me feel better about it though:
In 07-08 Spezza went goaless in his 1st 7 games but he went on to record his best offensive season of his career. 34 goals and 92 pts

The Sens haven't had success on the PP but have been saved by a good PK. Tampa has too many weapons up front to tempt fate too many times shorthanded. Make that your key to victory.

UPDATE: Be sure to go over the live blog with DHS and friends!


Should he stay or should he go?

Low blow

Mirtle, in interviewing the authors of one of the many 'Why the Leafs Suck' books on the market, says the following:
That doesn't always happen — guys like Chris Phillips and Patrik Stefan were first overall picks, so if you tank and that's the year you bottom out...

I know Phillips isn't a franchise player but Patrik Stefan bad? Scanning the draft that year is interesting. Phillips has had one of the best careers of any of the first round picks (Briere would be the other guy) but some others taken that year - with of BoO connections:
56 NY Islanders Zdeno Chara
179 Tampa Bay Pavel Kubina
204 Toronto Tomas Kaberle
239 Ottawa Sami Salo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steve Moore sings a happy tune

'Col' 4-1 and 1-4 All-leaf-fans-who-thought-this-would-break-the-goose-egg.

Ok, lame, but it distracts from this:

I kept it small so the eyes don't burn so much.

I'm actually feeling bad for the Leaf bloggers here.  I mean, we have a well founded, renewed sense of optimism after a year and  half of panic and uncertainty.   But man, you guys are having it rough.  Real, real bad. I mean real bad.

Ok, this is the only time I'm ever going to do something like this, but think of it as a hand up before kicking you in your pre-op groin.

If Obama gets the Peace Prize for what he's done, I get it next year for this.

Ted Kennedy night or not, same old start...

It's the 1st intermission. Different goaltender and a few new faces up front, but same old start. Late in the first the Avs strike for two goals and the Leafs go into the locker room showered in a chorus of booing.

I have to find a positive in this game. Something.
This is what I have:

Tyler Bozak is good at faceoffs.

If the Leafs tie it up or take the lead by the 2nd intermission, I'll get back into my street clothes, start up the car and drive to the Wheat Sheaf.

Take that.

And once he resigns in Atlanta?

My post in July after Nash re-upped in Columbus:
Reality's a bitch Leaf fans. Kovalchuk or bust!

PPP today:
To get the team's expenditures on their top six forwards up to the same percentage the Maple Leafs would have to invest another $4M on top of that to get close. Now if only there was a player worth that kind of coin...

And the answer to the question...
'Oh well. We'll sign Savard and reunite him with Kessel! The truculence experiment was a failure anyway!'


Alterations for tonight's game:

INCOMING: Tyler Bozak, James Reimer, Victor Stalberg.
OUTGOING: Nik Hagman, Vesa Toskala, Matt Stajan.

Toskala suffered an injury last night, allegedly. A commenter at The Star wonders of it's rubber poisoning?

Reimer? Hardly know her.


That big red button over there...

Fire Wilson, hire Gretzky!
Waive Toskala.
Put Schenn in the minors.
Demote Blake.

God bless Damien Cox.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Turkey Day Thread: Sens v. Pens

It's only fitting that on Canadian Thanksgiving Day, the NHL is feeding the Ottawa Senators a bird. Ok, so it's not the traditional turkey, but Penguin must be considered a gourmet offering in these parts.

Last night's freeze warning from The Weather Network failed to materialize so the Penguins shouldn't get too comfortable.  

Tonight will be the first significant test for the Ottawa Senators and their new found ability to actually beat the opposing team.  I'm not expecting a total dominating victory or, let's be realistic, a win.  It'll be nice, but as long as it's kept respectable and the Pens are made to really work to win, we'll be in a happy place at the end of it.

Leclaire will get the start and his value will be truly tested with Crosby-Malkin on the ice at the same time as Carkner-Campoli or Eriksson-Picard.  Fortunately the Sens have last change tonight, but expect the ice time for these guys to be substantially lower than their 18:02 (Karlsson) and 17:51 (Carkner) ice time averages thus far.

This one is going to OT.  2-2.   Crosby with the SO winner*

*I reserve this asterisk for future use in the thread.

Stalberg practices, Toskala to start against Rangers.

Hopefully Stalberg will realize he's in the NHL now and will use his breakneck speed, to, well, not get his own neck broken. Sadly, he's not likely to play tonight, but Vesa gets his coaches vote of confidence. Not because Wilson thinks he's a good goaltender. Can't be. He has eyes like the rest of us. So I'm hoping this move is to teach is team a valuable lesson now while it's still early - PLAY BETTER and TAKE RESPONSIBILTY. Even teams with average tenders can win games with stingy play and hard work.

Question is, can the Leafs do this for 3 periods? We'll see.

I just hope Rosehill gets a game on a top 2 line. He earned it. What a gem this guy has turned out to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

By the numbers

4 Games played by Ottawa
Games won by Ottawa
0.750 Ottawa's point percentage

4 Games played by Toronto
Games won by Toronto
Toronto's point percentage

6 Point percentage ratio: Ottawa/Toronto

2 The number of goals scored by Mike Fisher in 3 games this year.

68 The percentage of faceoff wins by Mike Fisher (coincidentally, that's twice the faceoff win percentage of my g/f in her first ever hockey game tonight).

1 Number of goals scored tonight by Kovalev (it's a start!).

+3 - Matt Carkner's +/-

-5 Francois Beauchemin's +/-

10 Number of shots by Jason Blake
0 Number of points by Jason Blake

4.97 Vesa Toskala's current GAA

And the best for last:

15 Number of players on the Maple Leafs who have scored fewer goals than Matt Carkner.

Leafs on pace for 100 point season.

The last time the Leafs had only a single point in the standings from their first trio of games was in 2001-2002*. As it is this season, that measly point came from a game with the Habs.

As you may recall the Leafs finished with 100 points that year and went on to beat the Sens in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Was that the 3rd straight playoff beat down or the 2nd? I can't remember.

Anyway, I see no reason why the Leafs can't duplicate those results and kick off their rise to the top with a victory tonight. Curtis Joseph or no Curtis Joseph...

Leafs 4 Pens 3 OT


* In 2001-2002 Danny Heatley, Chris Neil and Vesa Toskala played their rookie seasons. Dave Manson, Bob Probert and Rick Tocchet played their final season of pro hockey.

Don Update:

The Sens are home again to the unbeaten Christoph Schubert and the Thrashers. I think with Heatley's meltdown, he's now our all-time favourite German born Senator!

Forward line tinkering should see Alfie and Spezza on separate lines. Elliot is expected to get his first start of the season. Leaf fans take note - sometimes you put in a 2nd goalie for reasons other than your number one is a piece of crap.

Sens 6 Thrashers 3

Friday, October 09, 2009

Leaf fans, introducing your $4M 3rd line winger.

I figure I ought to get in on the action today.
Here are the practice lines from this morning:

Ponikarovsky - Grabovski - Kulemin
Hagman - Stajan - Stempniak
Blake - Mitchell - Mayers
Rosehill - Wallin - Orr

Beauchemin - Kaberle
Komisarek - White
Schenn - Finger

Jeff Finger is in and frankly I don't know how he played the way he did in Washington and gets sat for the Sens game to begin with? Glad to see him and Schenn as a pairing and a well deserved promotion for Ian White. Perhaps the real Beauchemin will show up after 3 straight days of practice...

Who's taking bets on what period Joey Mac makes his Leafs debut?

Tracking Post 2

I had to push that last one down.  Too aggravating to bear.

Here's something happier:

Toskala.   4.94 GAA

Tracking post

By popular demand:


It's Friday! I like boobies.

I just wanted to apologize to everyone for yesterday's gratuitous cock shots in my first ever post on the BoO.

I figure this will make up for it (after the jump for those with overly-restrictive image policies - not necessarily NSFW):

I did a google image search for "Ottawa Senators ladies" but these are the only pics that came up:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Luck of the Irish

Is there any way the Leafs can trade for Shean "Chum" Donovan?
Two goals in two games that shouldn't have counted. Is it any suprise that this guy was reffing last night?

In other news, someone that plays for San Jose scored a hat trick last night... Can anyone guess who?

And, one of NYI's players is challenging Byron Bitz for coolest name in the league... Matt Moulson. Solid. My all-time fav is Zarley Zalapski.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Burke's best option?

Gustavsson's goaltender-destroying injury to the join casts a shadow over the hope that was.  Grim are the prospects for Toronto's goaltending situation.

We're all well aware of Toskala's unfulfilled 'potential' and, as Five-0 so kindly detailed with medically far-too-accurate images we hope to never see again, Gustavsson is looking to be as fragile as Pascal Leclaire has been the last few years (and, dear unicorn, let that be the end of it). 

So what is Burke to do?

Well, Joey McDonald is recalled on Emergency Waivers which runs out after 30 days.  Hopefully for Gustavsson, he heals quickly and permanently.   But what if he doesn't?  What if he 'heals' and reinjures?  This is already looking like a wonky groin, a la Hasek.  Do the Leafs hope and pray that Toskala turns it around?  

McDonald isn't the answer, because he has to go back to the A and be recalled again with the possibility of being claimed.  So if he isn't the answer, if Toskala plays as he has been, and if Gustavsson can't remain healthy, I ask again: what is Burke to do?  

Your solution after the break:

Here's your best bet at the moment, Brian:

Burke may be forced to deal with the Islanders (I'm tampering!  They're gonna take away my internets!).  When DiPietro comes back from injuries, you can bank on him getting a lot of games to earn that crazy term contract.    You're then left with one of Roloson or Biron.  It's doubtful the Iles would part with Biron as he's a more than capable backup and could even start.  

So is Roloson the answer?  What goes in the other direction?  NY loves those young guys right now.  Is Burke willing to ditch some of the future for a decent goalie or will he start putting his scouts on the top 5 prospects for 10/11?

Bleak folks.  October bleak.

Welcome to Ottawa JT

Its the Sens rookie that opens the scoring though.

Gotta win the games against the Isles of the league - something the Sens didn't do last year.

Tips for Gustavsson

Dear Monster,

This is what happened to you:

This is how to fix it:

And this is what will happen to Leaf Nation if you don't:

Some of the lads over at Pension Plan Puppets have a few of their own suggestions...

How to commit suicide quickly and without a lot of fanfare

1. Cut femoral artery in a hot tub
2. Jump off of a bridge into ottawa traffic
3. The Wellwood - Try to eat as much as Kyle Wellwood

I'm partial to number 1 and 2 as there aren't enough groceries at my local supermarket that would even allow me to attempt option 3.

The Monster is down!

Sid breathes a sigh of relief.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kovalev dishes on Alfie, Kostitsyn & Markov

Recognizing his popularity with much of the francophone community through his time with the Habs, has invited Kovalev to be an occasional contributor on hockey matters.

A few of the high-lites from his first entry:

  • The Sens have a better veteran-rookie communication structure.  Sounds like the Habs stopped talking when things got bad.  Who gets the credit?  Alfie, of course;
  • Kostitsyn is a suckhole;
  • Markov is a huge loss for the Habs (and to DJ on the BoOB);

How often can we expect to see Kovalev pining for his old team in his personal blog? 

"at least once or twice a month"

That is, unless he doesn't like it anymore.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And the bell rings...

The fighters retreat to their corners. The first round goes the Sens but there was no knockout - Gustavsson played well. The expected street fight didn't emerge.

Game notes:
Top icetime for the Sens was Phillips at 19:23. Spezza led the forwards with 18:14.
The Kaberle/Beauchemin tandem saw 21:40 of ice with Stajan leading the forwards with 18:13.

Stempniak led everyone with 5 shots - the Leafs putting 14 on Leclaire in the 3rd period.

Redlight or stopsign?

Ok, I didn't want to step on Don's GDT, but had this in the works last night and, at Muppet's urging, we may as well all get a post in.

I figured there was no need to put Gustavsson's face on the statue. You're all smart enough to understand the inference.

So, what's tomorrow's amendment to graphic going to be? Red light or stop sign?

Think we can fit two Game Day posts?

Hell ya! In fact lets make it three. THM, you got something cooking you can throw up in a few hours? I think we should all get to chime in on BoO Game Day. Jardine is probably still sleeping... the salmon eating hippie.

Gustavsson is in net and we're all pretty excited. Fisher, as Don pointed out, was tossing challenges across the aisle this morning at our D. Carkner and Neil lining up and will be met by Rosehill and Orr. Kulemin inserted into the line-up with Mayers out. That Shannon guy who was on Zonker Harris' best 3rd line in the NHL is already scratched in game #2... Is this enough drama? Does the BoO still have sizzle?

We gonna get it on cause we don't get along!

Six rounds this season in the BoO

We'll call this one the tune-up. Where you measure your throws because this early in the season you're just not quite sure what your opponent has and even what you've got to give.

It's not Ali, but Fisher's starting with the as much trash talking as you'll probably get:
"Their back end is definitely very physical, but at the same time, there are not a lot of guys, other than (Tomas) Kaberle, that handle the puck, so we've got to make sure we're pressuring them and getting on them," Fisher said. "They'll turn the puck over, we saw that the first two games."

Is it Gustavsson for the Leafs? Fans of the Blue and White hope he passes his first on-ice test better than his driver's test.

Obviously neither team wants to drop this game.  The Leafs are under tremendous pressure to tighten up their defence - if their struggles last a week I think we'll start to see ink on subtle jabs and questions with regards to Burke's UFA choices and his gamble on Kessel without seeing what his situation really is in net and defence.

The Sens play their home opener on Thursday.  Saturday's loss looked really familiar to Sens fans and it struck a nerve.  Another one like that and the call-in shows are going to be
in mid-season form.  

So sing the anthem and bring it on Godfather!

Monday, October 05, 2009

BoO prep

The Sens are likely going to tweak the bottom lines for tomorrow's game at the ACC with Shannon expected to be out.

Personally, I'd like to see Kovalev with Spezza and Alfie if one can play the left side. Michalek seems to like a more north-south style which I can see fitting in well with Fisher.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the Toronto papers Wednesday when Joey McDonald gets called up, and the Leafs make overtures to Gerber to come back and replace the two shell shocked Leaf tenders.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Better late than never?

New post to discuss the Sens scoring woes, Toskala getting the hook, etc, etc.


Friday, October 02, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter A.

As Muppet intimated in the prior thread, the Sens did indeed apply power to Fisher, but, instead of a triple-A as Muppet suggested,  Clouston decided only to give him only one.

The generally accepted captain-in-waiting,  the guy with the most heart on the team now takes the place of the player without any heart (and a -3 after game one to boot). 

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fisher injured from thoughts of playing Leafs next week.*

It happened today in practice while Clouston took his squad through some tape in preparation for the first few games of the schedule. Upon seeing Mike komiserek's face, Fisher keeled over and had a heart attack. Using miniature paddles and a AAA battery, they managed to get his little heart beating again. Afraidsson, seeing the commotion, ran and hid in the dressing room until all was sorted, and then gave a press conference while riding his stationary bike.Mostly he talked about the nuts he hid around the rink last spring and how he's having a hard time finding them all.

Word is Fisher will be OK and can play Saturday in NYC.

*events may not have occurred as described.

Bob McKenzie and opening night for the Leafs!

Unless you're up late like me - because you played a game of pick-up at 11pm and now you can't sleep - this ought to be the morning Leaf post welcoming you to Game #1 of the Brian Burke era.

Before you get too excited, Vesa Toskala will start the season. Before you let that get you down, recall that it was Toskala who backstopped the Leafs to a 3-2 win over Detroit to open last season. Half full. Half empty. You decide!

Yesterday we talked rosters. Eyebrows raised, no doubt, to see Victor Stalberg open the season on the top line. Or did they? He did lead the NHL in pre-season goals with a half dozen in 8 games played. But that's because he personally played in more games than most other teams did right? Perhaps. Also he was a 6th round pick, by John Ferguson Junior. He must be a flash in the pan... Unless you believe Bob McKenzie, who today [Thursday], said this:

"This guy is no flash in the pan [see how I did that, using his exact words above and then flipping them into a positive - awesome!], and he will challenge for the rookie of the year"

Rookie of the year? Hey. What does Bob McKenzie know? It's not like you can take his words to the bank on most subjects related to hockey. [See how I did that? I say something opposite to fact as if it is fact, to prove my point that Bob know everything. I'm on a roll.]

Bob McKenzie... Victor Stalberg... hmm... oh right, the roster. Well, one thing that occurred to me is that despite playing a billion preseason games, the Leafs never iced the exact group who will start the season. Imagine when that 3rd D line comes out and it's Exelby and Ian White? Sends shivers down my spine. Do you, like me, look forward to the first time our 4th line jumps over the boards and Orr, Rosehill and Primeau go flying into the opposition zone looking to shake things up? How about Hagman on a line with Grabovski, or Kaberle and Beauchemin both wearing letters on their chest and #22 waiting for grapes from #15 the way #24 used to back when our PP was #2? Speaking of numbers, which one does Wallin wear again and can he make our PK not be #30?

Lots of excitement, lots of hope, lots of fears.

So have at it BoO. Where you watching the game tonight? Who do you think will stand out? How many beers will you drink? What kind of beer? Will you even remember the 3rd? And how, on God's green earth, will any of us get any work done today?

Leafs vs Habs. 7pm. CBC.

F'n Aye.

10 years today!

A new captain was named to the Ottawa Senators on October 1st, 1999.
Alfie became the club leader in regular season and playoff games, goals, assists, and points and holds the club record for plus-minus.
He was the first European captain to lead his team to the Cup finals.
He's now the longest serving captain in the NHL.

How quickly things can change. Sundin and Koivu left their teams under a cloud and now both teams start the season tomorrow without a player wearing the C.

On Saturday, Alfie leads the Sens in the season with expectations low but with a clear goal. The team will build on the improvement seen during the end of last season, grow the improved offensive depth into a team strength, build defensive confidence out from Leclaire, and take these into the playoffs.