Friday, May 04, 2007

Playoff Memories XI: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Don and Eugene's bandwagon appeal to Leaf fans was so outrageous (put aside the bitter rivalry? I'd rather lose at Ro-sham-bo [South Park] than cheer on the sens) that I didn't notice something that could only bring back memories of playoffs past. All you Leaf fans, all I can say is get on the bandwagon because we're going all the way this year. This is not the first time that the senators have made grandiose predictions. There was the famous "I guarantee that we will win the Cup this year" from the sens' fearless leader but this one is the subject of our flashback today.

April 18, 2004

"I don't think you've seen the last of us yet (in Toronto), we're going to go home, win, and force Game 7. Then we'll come back in here and we'll win the series."
Unfortunately, while he was right about making a return trip to Toronto he was only half right on the end result. April 20th, 2004 saw 20 exchange students, myself included, partying deep into a beautiful Copenhagen morning leaving the residents' wondering what all the fuss was about. The astute viewer will notice that this is the video from 2002's Game 7. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't have the 2004 video but it's basically the same thing. Just picture Joe Nieuwendyk scoring twice and Lalime flapping at shots.

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