Monday, May 21, 2007

Still in a state of shock

It's a good shock, mind you. I spent most of Sunday painfully processing half a 40 of CC through my system while savouring the assorted news items and video highlights. It seems the Senators have come of age at approximately the time as my body's ability to absorb alcohol. To steal The Captain's words, it was surreal.

I thought Glen Healy made a great point when he noted how that retarded paddle save on Spezza in OT would normally have been interpreted as a sign that this just wasn't going to be their night. Senators 2.0, however, wouldn't need to make use of any of the available excuses on hand and would find a way to overcome what looked to be a certain trip back to Ottawa for Game 6. Miller's looking like the hero? No problem. Beating the Sabres in three straight games? No problem. Taking three home games? Dude, it's the new Sens! Of course, The Goal completed the perfect mirror image of the 2005-2006 season, with Alfredsson receiving the puck from a backchecking [!] Dany Heatley, working his way through three (actually it was four - Campbell, Pominville, Numminen and Hecht were all hovering around him in a pretty tight diamond formation) Sabres to snap one far side by an absolutely stunned Ryan Miller. That highlight will surely nag at their subconscious this summer the way Pominville's tormented last year's Senators. If it's any consolation, just look at what cutting a few coveted free agents loose can do for your team in the off season.

Best roundup of pics from the Facebook Group - Elgin Street: The Sens Mile, including a few appearances by the Sensquatch. Youtube has the slo-mo entourage from the airport, with a fairly meticulous rundown of who's rolling in what.

Fun question of the day: Would a dog tired and banged up Gary Roberts have been sat out for Patrick Eaves the other night?

Bring on the Ducks or the Wings.

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