Sunday, January 30, 2011

Battle of the All-Stars

Kessel, last pick in the All-star player draft got some revenge against Team Karlsson (er, Staal), winning the All-Star game with Team Lidstrom whilst doing fuck all.

In other news from the All-Star weekend:

Ron Wilson the least favourite coach amongst NHL coaches.

Toronto is the 4th last place any player would want to play. (Didn't someone here say veterans want to play in TO? Hm... they don't agree!)

Orr narrowly edges Carkner in the toughest player. Boogard beats them both by a mile. Boogard - who destroyed Orr and was put out for weeks by Carkner.

And in the most confusing poll, the question asking which city deserves a team has Toronto placed 3rd for a "second team". Which is confusing given they haven't had a 'team' in 6 years.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This column in the Globe about the Blue Jays trading Wells struck me as something that might resonate with Sens fans and bring up a few things for discussion as the team considers its trading options.

There is another element to this trade that Anthopoulos won't discuss, yet was the subject of internal discussions as far back as J.P. Ricciardi's final year as GM and even referred to obliquely by some veteran players who passed through the Blue Jays' clubhouse. To understand it, look back to one of the moves Pat Gillick made in 2006, when he took over as Philadelphia Phillies GM and traded Bobby Abreu, one of the team's longest tenured and most productive players.

Of course, finances were a component. But as Gillick reflected on the move in an interview in the Philadelphia Inquirer a few years and one World Series ring later, he noted that, although Abreu was “a good player,” he was also comfortable.

Said Gillick: “He played at a certain level. He looked like he didn't want to make a mistake, like he didn't want to look bad. He just played at that level, and I think he kind of pushed the guys down a little. I think Jimmy [Rollins] and Chase [Utley] were respectful, if that's the word, of Bobby, and when he got out of here, it set a different tone. After the trade, they were the kind of guys who had tenure.”

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At least we have the Leafs to kick around....



The NHL is f#*king with us

If you've been successful in ignoring the marketing crap the NHL puts out in the crappy months I apologise for this hitting your retinae. I'm pretty sure the NHL is mocking us.

Background: the NHL hired Stan Lee (yes - of Marvel Comics fame) to develop "Guardians" for each team. Here are ours.



  • Super Agility. Apparently Stan Lee has not watched a Senators game this year.

  • Mind Control. Ok, this one I get - Mike Fisher seems to have the ladies of Ottawa in a permanent dreamy-eyed daze.

Maple Leafs


  • Chlorinetric communication. What the fuck?

  • Mass Manipulation. Yeah, that explains Leaf Nation pretty well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Great Rebuild has begun.

Eugene Melnyk has spoken out on the state and future of the Ottawa Senators. (Sun)

Notable statements from Melnyk:

"The time has come to make some of the most difficult decisions that an ownercan make."

"We’re going to do what it takes to bring the Stanley Cup to Ottawa, whether it takes one, three or five years. It will happen. You have my commitment."

“At this time, it makes no sense to make managerial or coaching changes[.]”

Will Don Brennan shut the fuck up and stop whining about Clouston still being behind the bench? Jason York thinks he should. Peter Raaymakers at also disagrees that Clouston is at fault. I think everyone in Sens Army - except Don Brennan - has thought the same for a while now. You could see it with Leclaire last year.

A few key points on the rebuild according to sources for the Globe and Mail:

  • General manager Bryan Murray will finish out the year in his position but will move on to a senior advisory role
  • coach Cory Clouston will also play out the year, but is highly unlikely to stay on as head coach.
  • Murray’s immediate task will be the “selling off” of player assets heading into the Feb. 28 NHL trading deadline.
  • The new general manager – tentative interviews have already taken place, with deeper interviews to come – would be in place for the June entry draft.
  • Over the summer, the new GM, [...] would [...] re-calibrate the team by chasing prospects rather than expensive free agents.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Goalie swtich!

Senators twitter update:

Brodeur starting in net for #Sens tonight against Canadiens.

So we're down to the 3rd string goalie. It really sucks not having a #1 and #1a combo.


Clouston says Kovalev returning to lineup for #Sens tonight.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Francois Allaire revisited.

Muppet, April 29, 2010:

Allaire has helped Burke to hedge his bets with now 5 quality goaltenders in the system. I do believe that in Giguere and Gustavsson the Leafs have the #1 and #1a tandem for next season. Of the three guys in the minors you might get one (hopefully more) who can challenge for the space on the big club soon. Now Burke has goaltending options, trading options and depth in a position that has been painful for the Leafs since Belfour left town.
Professor Burke has arrived. Sit up straight.

Today, Allaire's tenure with the Leafs

J-S Giguere
09/10: 15 GP, 7 L, 0.916 SV%, 2.49 GAA
10/11: 19 GP, 7 L, 0.899 SV%, 2.69 GAA

Jonas Gustavsson
09/10: 42 GP, 15 L, 0.902 SV%, 2.87 GAA
10/11: 22 GP, 12 L, 0.896 SV%, 3.13 GAA

Note: Losses do not count OT losses.

Only one statistic here has shown improvment: J-S Giguere's losing percentage, though total losses have remained the same. Every other statistic is trending negatively.

Don't forget class:
Professor Burke has arrived. Sit up straight."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basement of Ontario Pool

There is little inspiration for posting up here given one can say "Senators Suck - blow it up" so many times.

No doubt there'll be some activity come trade deadline day and/or firing day(s), but I'm not motivated, and Don has gone Kovalev this season.

Maybe we need some inspiration: anyone know where we can set up an online pool for selecting winning 'firing dates'?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Senators determined to lose

The Senators didn't want to lose to the Islanders so they put Lehner in and sat Campoli for Lee. A little pick-me-up for the team stuck in a dismal part of New York. While that was nice, it's time to get back to business.

Elliot is back in net tonight. Clearly, management wants its best chance at top pick.

The magnetic poles have reversed!

Sens win.

Yeah, you're not drunk or insanely hungover. It happened. On Long Island, yes, but it still happened. Meanwhile, the Leafs apparently played somewhere and had some result.

Gonchar: +5.

No, no... you haven't suffered a blackout and are seeing spots above and below a minus sign. Gonchar was actually plus-5 on the night, erasing fully 1/4 of his deficit.

Lehner: 4 GAA, 0.833 SV%. Not stellar, but you can look to Reimer over in Leafland with his 5GAA, 0.800 SV% and think "it coulda been worse!". He [Lehner] looked very raw at times, having trouble with the glove hand and one close call with the paddle. But he got a win in his first game. For a 19 year old, he was solid enough and needs some time back in Bingo and noted his less than stellar outing [paraphrasing]: 'you can't be happy with 6 goals if you also had 4 goals against'.

A reprieve from the dismal displays of late, but we're still a lottery team!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Records made to be broken

Longest undefeated streak by a goaltender from start of career: Patrick Lalime, 16 games (1996–97)

Go Lehner!!

THM's Update: Campoli, after braving the fists of Chris Neil in practice, sits out. Brian Lee is in. One question: why not Kuba out and David Hale in? The Senators win when he plays. Who'd he piss off, other than the capologist?


Normally a game between the Leafs and the NHL-owned Coyotes in January wouldn't be a big deal. A late game that you may or may not finish watching depending on the score.

This one is a little bit more special.

I'll be sitting in the arena 8 rows behind the Leafs bench!
Wearing my newly minted Luke Schenn home jersey.
Probably a bit drunk.

Last year I decided to embark on a lifelong quest to see the Leafs play in all 30 NHL cities. Since then I've seen the them in Chicago, Philadelphia, the new Penguins arena and now tonight in Phoenix. I'm gunning for 2-3 rinks a year.

But there has been a slight problem so far.
I've never seen them win away from the ACC...

This shouldn't be surprising considering this team over the past two years have lost more than they've won, but I must admit it would be really nice to walk out with my head held high for a change. Also, I'm guessing the fans in Phoenix won't ride me if we do lose like they did on Philly and Pittsburgh.

In other BoO news, the Senators and Islanders will play tonight. Apparently THM is now rooting for the Isles and hopes the Sens lose every game for the rest of the year. Of course, now that a few kids have been called up, including the Sens so-called goalie of the future Lehner, we'll see if that changes his tune or the tune of Sens fans in general. If you want to see the Sens lose and get a higher draft pick it means your kid Lehner will have to let in a lot of goals. Does this leave you all a little conflicted? Could this ruin the teenager? Corey Locke, also called up, I wouldn't worry about. He's been in the AHL for like 7 years I think? Surely if there was any NHL talent to be ruined, he would have been invited to the NHL to have it ruined before now.

Go Leafs and in fact Go Sens (I have to root against THM, naturally!)

Meh - just because somebody asked for it...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go Islanders!!

You're going to notice a very different behaviour from Senators fans this year than you would (and did) observe of Leaf fans in this situation. Where Leaf fans held on to denialism worthy of Creationists or Lawrence Soloman when the Leafs were in a similar position as the Senators in the last several years, Senators fans, with few exceptions, have acknowledged there is zero chance of a playoff position and indeed are hoping the Senators do not make the post-season this year. In fact, a large body of Senators fans are hoping for a continuance of the present losing streak.

Reality is something amiss in the psyche of a Leaf fan, but is strong in the minds of a Senators fan.

Senators fans, you're going to hear a lot of "Senators sucks!" chants from Leafs fans. The correct response: "Yes they do!". No need to point out the fact that the Leafs, 2 points ahead of Ottawa and on a 4 game win streak are still a lottery team.

You'll hear: "There'll be no playoffs for you, ha HA!". The correct response: "It's great! We'll have a high draft pick to look forward to!". No need to point out that the Leafs still need to pass 5 teams to earn a spot in the dance and have no draft picks.

You'll hear: "The Leafs are gonna [sic] beat the Sens on Feb 19th!". The correct response: "I hope so! That helps motivate changes! That helps us in the draft!".

You'll hear: "THM is gonna [sic] owe Muppet money!". The correct response: "THM is good with his money and put $150 [of which he'll likely keep $100] in an envelope in his safe in September as a contingency! (true)"

So "bring it,", Leaf fans. We want this team to lose! We want this team to suck! Chicago finished 13th in the West in 06/07, they finished 10th in 07/08, they hit 4th in 08/09, and they took the Cup in 09/10.

Bring on the taunts, Leaf fans. We'll taunt with you!

Let us know when you get to the basement. We need you to change a fuse.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Draft position

With both the Senators and Bruins Leafs in draft-lottery positions, it's a good time to have a look at today's NHL Central Scouting rankings which placed Swedish defensive prospect Adam Larsson in the number 1 spot. Larsson is said to be better than Hedman is now. That is saying a lot.

The Bruins Leafs currently sit at 4th position and the Senators at 5th position in the draft. (Yeah, the Battle of Ontario is that awesome this year.)

According to (prior to the NHL's release), Larsson is slated to go at #4 - right where the Leafs Bruins would pick were the draft held today. Perhaps the NHL & mynhldraft are making a nice little prognostication and suggesting the Leaf Bruins will be picking Larsson first overall?

Other stuff for our rapidly decreasing post frequency:

Kovalev out with a knee injury which is suspected to have occurred several games ago. May this be the guy's built in excuse for doing little on ice? Perhaps it's why Clouston hasn't benched him.

Mike Fisher is apparently plaing with an injury (as is Alfie, but he's the man of steel), but Fish should play against the fellow lottery pick Leafs Bruins.

Jim O'Brien has been called up to fill Kovalev's skates.  So if he stands on a faceoff dot and does fuck all, it will have been a seamless transition.    

Don Brennan asks a good question (yes.... I wrote that).  "Why not [AHL leading scorer] (Corey) Locke?"

Lehner up, Lehner down. This guy is the team's bouncing ball.

Speaking of balls, it's go time.

Friday, January 07, 2011

A cynic for a reason...

Erin's post today contained this:
Talk to me when you've missed the playoffs for a good five years or so - barring a major overhaul, that's where this club is headed. FACT.

Ouch. Five years! I know a team that's coming up to 2500 days without a playoff game - can you guess which one.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Some mid-week reading between WJC GMG periods

Read this.

Then read this.

To wrap things up, read this.

It has nothing to do with this: Go Canada!!!

The Nordiques are not amused

Apparently, Tim Hortons is trying to help the Maple Leafs make the playoffs by making "Toronto Maple Leaf" doughnuts. (Good thing Kyle Westwood left town!)

Funny, working on the Gaineau side of the great Ottawa River, I seem to recall similar the exact same doughnuts at the local Tim Hortons sometime around June 24.

Confirmation that Maple Leaf fans share crazed, irrational nationalistic beliefs that are completely self centred and without demonstrating even the most basic knowledge of their cause. Oh, and neither really belong in this country either.

(THM.... ducking)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

How much do you hate your team right now Ottawa fans?

That was a good old-fashioned beat down.

The rap sheet:

1. Colton Orr beats up both your toughest players (although Neil was a much more entertaining and worthy opponent so some props there).
2. Your goaltender gets yanked.
3. Your captain gives the puck away directly leading to a goal.
4. Your shutdown defenceman is a -3 on the night.
5. Leaf fans get the floor audio-wise in your own building for three whole periods.

I'm not going to lie, it's nice to look at my own failure of a team and think "it could be worse"!

Series tied 2-2 with 2 more BoO gamed to play so I'll stop there.

GDT: Toronto @ Toronto (with special appearance by the Ottawa Senators on the home bench)

Senators suck.

Leafs suck.

Who sucks more? We'll find out tonight.

Senators lead the series 2-1, having taken the last two with 3-2 and 3-0 wins. 7 goals for each team thus far.

Carkner-Orr V hasn't happened in the last two games with Orr taking the last tilt in biassed fan voting on The best comparable beyond that is tilts againt Derek Boogaard, consensus toughest fighter in the NHL. Boogaard defeated Orr handily and was shortly thereafter, in the last game he has played this season, KO'd by Carkner who broke Boogaard's face.

Will it happen tonight? With Ottawa barely within reach of a playoff spot (I may become a theist if this happens), it's doubtful. Carkner is the Senator's most reliable defensive D-man whereas Orr's regular presence on the ice is proof that Wilson should be fired.

On the scoring front, Clarke MacArthur and Mike Fisher lead each side's scoring in this series with 4 points apiece (3G/1A for Fish, 2G/2A for MacArthur).

The teams are dead even at 2.28 Goals per game over the season, and the Senators hold a slight edge at 2.95 v. 3.00 GA/G for the whole season.

Kuba is back in for Lee which means Ottawa will likely lose.

Jason Spezza will not be in the lineup for the Senators with a long term shoulder injury. Leclaire remains a glass man. JS Giguere and Snoopy can spend the game comparing groin injuries.

PPP reports that Mitchel and Lebda are out for Toronto. with the full preview & comparison.