Monday, March 31, 2008

Cody Hodgson will save the Leafs!

Mats knew what he was doing. He knew that his leaving and bringing Jeff Carter or some other youngster as well as draft picks and leaving a poorer team that would end up in a lottery pick and a shot at Stamkos wasn't what the organization needed. They need Cody Hodgson.

He is, in the words of Bob Mackenzie, a "minor hockey teammate of Steve Stamkos and Michael Del Zotto". Rumour is that he also delivered papers to somebody famous too.

So Leaf fans, are you sure you want to cheer on your team this Thursday against the Sens because if you win and move down to the 10th pick then you'll lose out on the Cody Hodgson sweepstakes and end up stuck with somebody crappy.


Hey Muppet, how are you doing today?

Not bad. A little under the weather. This damn cold that's going around finally got me.

Sorry to hear that. Hey, maybe Cliff Fletcher has the same thing?

Why do you say that?

He went on the record yesterday saying Kubina could be part of future plans in Toronto as he's been impressed with the way he's played.

Oh. That's odd. Didn't he try and trade him at deadline? Maybe he's just talking him up to try and up his trade value come June?

Or maybe he's just losing his marbles and needs to be moved out asap?

That could be it too. I heard that Burke is all over taking the Leafs job and it's only a matter of waiting until June 7th when MLSE can talk to him. It will be mere days after that.

Hmm. I'd rather have that guy who shafted Bryan Murray at trade deadline, what's his name again?

Jim Rutherford.

That's it. Him or Lou Lamerello. Although, remember last time an ex-Canuck exec came over to Toronto? Pat Quinn did pretty good here.

He did. I bet Melnyk will have a talk with Pat Quinn in a few weeks, when Bryan Murray is fired.

Oh Muppet, you are cruel!

I know, but hell, how DO you keep a GM who took a first place team into possibly missing the playoffs all in one season?

You think they'll miss the playoffs?

Well, they are one point out of 8th and four points ahead of the surging Caps. It's possible.

Man, that would be too funny. What would that mean for the BoO blog though?

Well, lets just say there would be a lot more of these conversations going on because all the Sens fans will have gone. Would you want to show your face around here after knocking the Leafs for missing the playoffs and then doing the same thing?

I wouldn't show my face around anywhere if I was a Sens fan.

Weird! I feel the exact same way?

On a last note, did you hear I have box seats to Thursdays ACC bout with Ottawa?

Get out! Nice one. You should make a big sign that says AFRAIDSSON and try and get that on TV?

I might just do that. I might just do that...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It is too late for me, son.

Garrioch says this is 'The big question':
So, will it be Martin Gerber or Ray Emery Tuesday against the Habs?

No. It's not a big question now. It was a big question a week or two ago but Darth is playing come Game 1* and therefore he'll be starting Tuesday against Montreal. The decision was made - not everyone agreed - but it was made.

*For Leaf fans: Game 1 refers to the first game of the playoffs.

3 year old: "What's the playoffs Daddy?"
Father: "Oh, boy. The playoffs. I remember those. I think the last time our team played one of those games was around the time you were ...."
3 year old: "I was what Daddy?"
Father: "Never mind. Go to bed."

Update: Gerber is starting.

BoOB Playoff Pool

Bumped from the comments. There are 14 slots left, if you want in go to Bench Boss (Playoff Edition) and enter the following:

League number: 326

Password: alfiealfie

The way the Sens are going, playoff fantasies may be the only thing we have left.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Have you wondered if there is a musical wrap-up of this past season? Here it is by one of the commenters over at my site, Junior. Here's a sampling:
Not a long, long time ago... I can still remember How that jersey used to make me smile. And I knew if they had their chance The Leafs could make the damn puck dance And maybe hold a lead for a while.
How are Leaf fans taking the mathematical elimination? Not good.

What do we have left? Same thing as we've had for the past three springs: pure, unadulterated hate.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

They did it! New franchise record!

The Leafs miss playoffs for three seasons in a row!

Can Maurice beat Murphy's mark of two in a row for a single coach? Can the Leafs make it 4?
So much to look forward to next season.

Have a great summer Leaf fans!

Tickets on sale on Saturday

That's playoff tickets - for hockey.

Remember those Leaf fans? I know it's been a while.

When the Leafs last played a playoff game.....

I might just go pick up an issue

Awesome cover.Hat-tip to Black Aces.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday General!

Wednesday Morning Morose Thread

Ok, so the Leafs are about one more performance like last night's from being actually mathematically eliminated instead of realistically eliminated.

Is there anything to look forward to next year? Some of the performances since the last time the Leafs were written off might provide some solace until you remember that they did the same thing last year...and the year before that...

Want some depressing thoughts? What if Mats retires this summer?

Meanwhile, the sens' half of this site are rejoicing but should they be? Sounds like there will be a tonne of work to do this off-season.

As for this season, it's just a matter of in what painful way it will end.

This way is impossible:

This way seems just as unlikely:

So in what painful way will another sens team come up short? My guess is in Carolina at the hands of Joe Fucking Corvo and Patrick "Who?" Eaves.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Game Day(s): Three Cheers for Buffalo

Sens at Sabres tonight at 7:00 EST (Sportsnet East, RDS, Team 1200), Sabres at Sens Thursday at 7:30 EST (A Channel, Team 1200)

It's been a strange season. While the settled edition of these 2007-2008 Ottawa Senators haven't given me reason to jump out of my chair in excitement, nor have they given me reason to put my fist through a TV screen. While they look like a finely tuned machine on some nights, they resemble the living dead on others. I can't argue with the fairly popular sentiment that has this team getting turfed in a six game quarter-final, nor can I completely rule out the idea of them hanging around to face Pittsburgh or Montreal in the eastern final. It's an unsettling experience, but holy crap this is what cheering for a .500 hockey club feels like
Why have I not been overly disparaged by the Sens inconsistency? Well, what other team in the east besides maybe the Penguins have looked poised and confident throughout the entire season (with or without injuries to key guys)? Not a lot I'd say. Here's how the Sens record against playoff contenders looks today:

vs. MTL 5-2 (1 GR)
vs. PIT 3-1
vs. CAR 2-2
vs. NJ 2-2
vs. NYR 3-1
vs. PHI 1-3
vs. BOS 4-2 (2 GR)
vs. WSH 0-4
vs. BUF 4-2 (2 GR)
vs. FLA 3-1
vs. TOR 3-4 (1 GR)

The only thing really scary in there (Philly in the playoffs has never been a worry) is the Washington record. The Hab and Penguin powerplays should take them deep, but so long as we don't draw them early on I'm not overly concerned about the 3-6 or 4-5 matchups.

The trudge to the playoffs continues tonight against the desparate Buffalo Sabres. Look for the Sens to build on last night's spirited comeback and the fact that jersey-sporting scarecrow Wade Redden will be unable to start tonight. Sens 2, Buf 0 (Alfie x2) followed by Sens 4, Buf 3 (Heatley, Stillman, Fisher [!], Neil). Sabres exit stage right and it's the Best Day Ever all over again.

The General to the rescue

Lee gets his first call-up with Redden's injury.

As if last night wasn't bad enough

Melnyk charged with fraud?
At first I thought they were talking about his team.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Habs know their role

They get it. We are the class of the NE. The Leafs are too thick to understand.

Back on track tonight. AK-27 be jammed.

Too bad Price wasn't still wearing his plain white mask and Gerber his plain black one. That would be awesome.

Someone Is (allegedly) A Crook

While MLSE is villified for a great many things one of them is not for persistent breaking of the law but guess who's hobby is accounting fraud: senators and Biovail owner Eugene Melnyk.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged Biovail Corp. , its founder Eugene Melnyk, and three other current and former executives with accounting fraud...The Ontario Securities Commission has also filed a statement of allegation against the company and the same employees, with many of the same claims.
Thanks to penaltyshotsca over at my site for bringing up the article. As he said,
I would love to again see the day when the Senators have to answer questions about why they didn't get a paycheck.
Wouldn't we all? Things falling apart on the ice? Check. Things falling apart off the ice? Double check. What a bright future the senators have.

Big week for JFJ too.

John Ferguson Jr. is no longer GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs. But for the next two weeks, he might be their biggest fan

After all, his future employment probably depends on it.

Toskala, Moore, and Kubina are big reasons the Leafs are in meaningful games against Boston on Tuesday and Thursday - all JFJ signings. But if you look down the roster, everyone from Mats Sundin to Matt Stajan (the future captain of the Leafs?) has been resigned by John Ferguson at some point, and in the case of Tlusty, Williams, Stralman and Newbury, all drafted by his regime.

This is the team that Ferguson built. Through and through.

If somehow, some way, Toronto claws their way into that 8th spot, could it be that JFJ looks like a man who had a plan that simply hadn't come to fruitation fast enough? Or did he simply get better as he went along, cutting his teeth in the NHL at the expense of a few years of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey?

Either way, as the Leafs success goes so probably does JFJ's future as an NHL exec. One would think he will have short fingernails by Friday just like the rest of us.

Saturday, March 22, 2008



The story so far:

Game 1 in Toronto: Sens win 4-3 in OT
Game 2 in Ottawa: Sens win 3-2
Game 3 in Ottawa: Sens win 5-1
Game 4 in Toronto: Leafs win 3-1
Game 5 in Toronto: Leafs win 4-2
Game 6 in Ottawa: Leafs win 5-0

Yes, that's 3-3 so far and ensuring you'll atleast get a tie in the BoO isn't all that's on the line in this game.

A loss for Toronto will pretty much will end the postseason hopes. Three years in a row out of the playoffs. The franchise has never seen those depths before. Ottawa would love to be the team that helps ensure it.

Game Day!

Not the official game dayer but I thought I should put something up for those what want to start the trash talking.

Big win in Buffalo for the blue team last night. They need to run the table to have a shot. They'll face a different team than what they rolled over last time.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Perfect Night in the NHL

1) Montreal beats Boston: In the highly unlikely event that Toronto win both games this weekend, they'll need to keep the Bruins close if the two games remaining against Chara and co. are to mean something.

2) Tampa beats Pittsburgh: In the much more likely event that Toronto lose one or both games this weekend, this closes the gap between the Leafs and last place.

3) Carolina beats Florida: No sense letting the Panthers move anywhere up the standings until we figure this whole thing out.

4) St. Louis beats Ottawa: A Ottawa loss is enjoyable enough, but add to that a Blues win puts them only 3 ahead of Toronto in the Stamkos sweepstakes. C'mon Brad Boyes, do it for the team that drafted you and then stupidly gave you away for Owen Friggen Nolan. Sigh...

Happy Easter Weekend

Somebody Call A Wahhhhhmbulance

Hey, look at this, senators fans and scribes whining about referees. I must be dreaming because that never happens. Sure ottawa, the league is out to get you. That's why when Alfie hit Tucker from behind and broke his shoulder blade there was no call on the play and no suspension. A real conspiracy. You want conspiracy? Tucker got 8 games for sucker-punching Ulf 'The Knee Destroyer' Samuelsson. He should have got a medal.

Oh, and your city blows:
Julius [a party promoter] explained that Cleveland, while a shithole, is not the shithole that Ottawa is.

Happy first day of Spring people!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gerber starting tomorrow

Not surprising.

Stanley in Kandahar

I'm a fan of Hillier but this makes me wonder...
Hillier, a notorious and long-suffering Leafs fan, took great delight in pointing out where on the cup he hopes -- nay, expects -- to see his team's name etched after the playoffs.

"This is the location right here,'' he said, only half-jokingly. "It's blank right now, but this is where the Toronto Maple Leaf roster will be in June of this year.''

MacKay couldn't resist jabbing back. "And here's the last time they were on the cup, right here,'' he said, pointing to the names of the 1967 champions.
Not sure who MacKay would cheer for - a lot of Habs fans in Nova Scotia, no?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GAME DAY THREAD - Zen's dead baby, Zen's dead.

Mats Sundin will be watching from the press box. Nik Antropov didn't even make the trip.

Ladies and Gentleman, your Toronto Maple Leafs top line: Alex Steen, Alex Ponikorovsky, and Kyle Wellwood.

Cue the ACC "Let's Get Loud" graphics!

It's not as if this team wasn't already pushing against a stack of odds higher than that stupid tower next to the skydome. It's not as if "hope" wasn't an ugly chick over by the slot machine with only a few quarters left in her bucket. It's not as if this hill wasn't already as steep as Bathurst and Davenport in an ice storm.
Now it's come down to this:

"There are certainly players on our bench who can play in our top nine, who believe they could score, who believe they should score, if the coach would just play them more..." said Maurice. "There they go. They have all the opportunity in the world."

Who might he be talking about? Is it Kyle Wellwood, Mr. point-a-game in 06/07 repackaged in 07/08 as the softest player to ever wear hockey skates? Or Jason Blake, skating the puck around the perimeter as if killing time until his train arrives? Alex Ponikorovsky, with his pigeon-like killer instinct? Jiri Tlusty, who should be in the AHL? Mark Bell, his face hidden behind that full cage the most appropriate metaphor? Or maybe it's Darcy Tucker, the high priced veteran forward who's apparently holding out on more than just his no-trade clause?

There was something inspiring about Sundin refusing to go and then taking his team upon his shoulders for the last 3 weeks. It had drama. It had the makings of a story we would all tell our kids one day, about how against all odds the Leafs pulled one out.

Now it just feels kind of done.

Islanders 3 Toronto 1.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's The Little Things In Life

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You can't hope to stop Joe Corvo. You can only hope to contain him. And sometimes you can't even do that. During this tough time for Leaf fans pictures like this can dispel the gloom if for only a second. Redden and Richardson look to be in post-season form already.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hope Jay comes and gives us a proper game day but if not this will have to do.

Corvo will attempt to give it to the Ottawa media for the Uh-oh tag and the entire Cane's team will try to get back on the track they were on before Buffalo killed them the other night.

Ottawa just wants to keep the thing they've got going on to keep going on. Yes.

Song for the pre-game warmup? How's this?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Leafs - Sabres

Sundin out and the Sabres hot after their romp over the 'Canes.

I'm thinking a Buffalo rout. I'm also thinking I'll watch the episode of Lost I missed on Thursday instead of the this game but will turn it back on to watch Don for sure.

Oh, I hope the comment thread includes some Brier predictions. Saskatchewan must have said something bad about Schmirler to warrant the bad luck they got last night but it's Alberta/Ontario in the final just as it was meant to be.

What to do, what to do...

Duthie, a native son, helps out those that might have thought about watching the Sabres/Leafs game.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday fun with Excel

Here's the age vs standings plotted (with an Excel linear trendline) that Erin pointed to today. If Atlanta (top right hand dot) and Pitt/Mtl (lower left) weren't there I don't know if Wharnsby could make the same conclusion.

I sense something. A presence I've not felt since...

SV% over the past 2 weeks:

1 Giguere, Jean-Sebastien, Ana. 5 1.39 94.8
2 Fleury, Marc-Andre, Pit. 4 2.05 94.4
3 Ersberg, Erik, L.A. 5 1.99 94
3 Theodore, Jose, Colo 6 1.59 94
5 Ellis, Dan, Nsh. 6 2.16 93.4
5 Gerber, Darth, Ott. 7 2 93.4
5 Kiprusoff, Miikka, Cgy. 5 2.3 93.4
8 Brodeur, Martin, N.J. 7 2.24 93.1
8 Ward, Cam, Car. 5 1.78 93.1
10 Bryzgalov, Ilya, Ana.-Pho. 5 1.98 93
10 Price, Carey, Mtl. 7 2.43 93

Toskala is 23rd.

Playoff Predictor

The Battle of Alberta continues their great work with semi-retired founder (God forbid that happen here) Sacamano's Playoff Predictor. Sadly, his version only looks at the Western Conference. Luckily for you, I had an hour and a half to waste last night so you can get your Eastern Conference version here.

Note: I didn't make real predictions in the version you're going to download so don't ask me how Philly and Boston only get 4 points each the rest of the way.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Game Day: Logjam Edition

Sens visit the Northeast leading Habs tonight in a battle for control of the conference and things are finally looking up again. The Senators offence appears to be coming around, Gerber is getting smoke blown up his arse by everyone from the Coach/GM to the fans to the forwards, and as far as the defence, well, the defence is still pretty damn brutal...

Sens 5 (Heatley x2, Spezza, Kelly, Meszaros), Habs 3. Alfie does not play, however, he does lead a shirtless impromptu rave down St. Denis Street after wagging his finger menacingly at Maxim Lapierre's antics.

Habs - Leafs first round? Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Battle continues...

I've went from hunting the teams ahead of me to being afraid of the teams behind me.

Now I know how the Flyers feel.

One might think DC is cooling the champagne in the dressing room as we speak. But there's still a good chance he'll end up just like his team. Except we won't have baseball caps for him.

Who's up for a playoff version? Jay? Don?

Icetime distribution

I thought the icetime distribution last night was interesting to see. The top chart is last night's game and the bottom one is from a 5-1 win against the Leafs in early November.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't envy you, Ottawa Senator fan. You have so much anchored to your mind these days don't you? All the possibilities. Missing the playoffs or winning the east and everything in between. It must be wearing on you? You must be having a few sleepless nights? A few of you, if not already, will probably go insane in the next 25 days. I know for me, it will be fun to watch.

It's not like that in Leaf Nation. Instead there is an utter sense of clarity and relief. Statistics have ceased to matter. Standings have ceased to matter. The future, in a way, doesn't even matter. All that counts is the next game. Win it, and live to see another day. Lose it, and well, you're gone. There is something so peaceful in the simplicity. There is something so nice about knowing the pain will soon be over...

Philadelphia @ Toronto 7:30pm
Boston @ Ottawa 7:30pm

Monday, March 10, 2008

Join me and together we will rule the galaxy

Every Gerber post will now begin with a Darth quote.

Emery isn't talking to the media and Darth is the number 1. Discuss.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Bunch of Jumped Up Young Punks

Earl Sleek continues his cartooning over at the BoC and the latest installment is a big blow to the egos here. You know, you win one Stanley Cup and you forget all about the years of being a laughingstock in the NHL, being owned by Disney, being named after a kid's movie (ok, arguably the best trilogy in the history of movies but still...), having 'Mighty' be more a reflection of the heat than any strength on the team, the years of missing the playoffs, the duck bursting through the ice third jersey, and the fact that your team employs some (Ed.'s Note: Thanks to Earl for reminding me that there is so much more to hate than just Todd Bertuzzi) of the most despicable people to ever lace 'em up in the NHL.

Basically, you guys give all Leaf fans hope that there is a chance a brighter tomorrow.

In other ego shattering news, TSN ran a graphic during last night's game that showed that the senators are the 5th worst team in the NHL since the 19 game mark. The Leafs were 6th. In your face! Also, your team was just shut out by this guy. Enjoy being swept in 4 games in the spring.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


5-1 Leafs just halfway past the 2nd. Tim Thomas' SV% explodes in one week.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Game Day(s): Special Western Resentment Edition

On days like these (Pacific) Westerners have always taken pleasure in the East's winter misery. A recurring theme is the delays at YVR due to backlogged air traffic "back east". Perhaps its revenge for blacking out election returns, electing majority Liberal governments, foisting Bob Cole and partner on us, and scheduling afternoon sporting events that begin at 11:00 AM.

In the hockey world, the Northwest and Pacific divisions have established their dominance over their eastern counterparts (does Detroit really count as the west?) in the past three seasons. The Sharks are 6-3-0 against the Northeast, the Ducks 6-1-2, the Stars 6-4-0 and even the Coyotes are 5-3-0. Even the Luongoless Canucks went 9-1-0 against the east the year after the lockout. What was once a run-and-gun west and a conservative, trappy east have had their roles reversed. The west is filled of physical defensemen and pesky, hard forechecking forwards, while the east has moved to soft puck movers and perimeter players, respectively. Only a team pulled by the strong, muscular legs of Sidney Crosby has had much sustained success in the other conference.

As the Sens close out their road trip (tonight against San Jose, tomorrow against LA and Saturday night in Phoenix), we'll see how well they can fare against the Western Conference play without Alfred Jesusson (playing more like Judasson lately?). The Anaheim game seemed to be rolling along well until penalties took their toll. Some would call it Sabotage.

The reverse-karma special worked out last time, so let's give it another go:

Sharks 4, Sens 1 (Donovan)
Kings 3, Sens 2 (Meszaros, Kelly)
Coyotes 2, Sens 0

I'm off to the patio this weekend, happy shovelling everybody!

PPP Thursday Update: First, screw you Jay for living in lotusland where all you have to worry about is the ever increasing debt of the Olympic games. Second, here is RudyKelly's preview. I always knew Bryan Murray kicked dogs. I bet he specializes in puppies.

Question of the Day: NHL Attendance

The figures are in. The NHL average attendance thus far in the season is higher than the NBA. By how much? Six. That's right, six more people per game (around 17,150 people per game as I remember (I heard it on the radio))

There is a very good reason for this.

Can you tell us what that reason is?

First correct answer receives a complimentary BoO pat on the back.

Second Question of the day: Should the Leafs put Lou Lamoriello on their interview list for the Leafs GM job? Is there a guy out there with a better track record?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Will the Leafs make the playoffs? Should they bother? Would Steve Stamkos look good in a Leafs jersey? Should Andrew Raycroft play the final ten games? Would you put Ponikorovsky back on the first line? Would you call up Justin Pogge? Would Mats Sundin win MVP if he keeps up his tear and delivers his Pension Plan owners their first mid-May ticket stubs in three years?

The answers to these and more questions begins tonight at the ACC, 7:30pm.

Clippings: March 4th

"Somehow, the Leafs have managed to put it together since (the trade deadline), led by the "Frozen Five" – the very veterans who refused to take the easy way out of town via trade."

I like Cox's "The Muskoka Five" better. Can't we just coin this phrase and move on? How does one coin a phrase anyway? How much does it cost? You know, besides finishing 10th and missing out on Steve Stamkos...

"It's been a very strange Leaf season. Cancer in the locker room was very real, very serious. Naked photos of a team member surfaced. The GM was fired. The team was booed at home regularly..."

Plus, Mike Myers made a movie about the Leafs turning around their fortunes and winning it all. Would you like sea salt or regular salt in that wound, sir?

"I talked to the referees during the game and I took a bad penalty," Murray said. "I apologized to them (his players). I put them in a bad spot. It was a 2-1 game and we had a chance to win."

How EVER did he get the nickname Cryin' Bryan?

"Washington 10 Boston 2"

Ovechkin winning the MVP race, Backstrom winning the rookie of the year race, and yet the Caps are in tough to even make the playoffs. Hey, this rebuilding stuff really works! Meanwhile Montreal who finished 11th last season make a minor move and bring up a rookie goaltender and they are winning the whole damn conference. Blowing shit up is overrated. Take note Leafs.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Game Day: Return to the left coast

It was all tears when the Sens last visited the Honda Center. The Ducks were more like boa constrictors, squeezing the life out of the Eastern Conference champs while a horrified fanbase looked on.

We're back with the same coach, but a different goaltender. Word is former Mighty Duck Marty tha G. will get the nod, although from his unspectacular performance against the Penguins (4 goals allowed, 0.86 sv%), we were expecting Emery would do this week's Pacific Division run. Maybe Murray just wanted to keep Ray away from press scrums in the wake of his ex-coach's parting shots.

What's on the line: Combined with a Montreal loss to the Sharks, the Sens could leapfrog the Habs, Devils and Penguins for tops in the east. A bad trip on the other hand could very well doom their playoff chances. Ducks have won 9 of their last ten and are on a five game win streak going into tonight's action.

Pronger is still out with an injured jaw (maybe he'll fill in as an assistant on the bench again?) although the Sens were still outmatched in Game 4 on home ice even with him out of the lineup.

Sens 5, Ducks 1 (Vermette, Spezza x2, Schubert, Fisher). Alfredsson blasts the puck into the crowd and knocks Snoop Dogg's beer out of his hands. Note that Earl Sleek will be at the game, so he won't respond to your taunts.

Pre-game skate: Epic music for an epic road trip.

MATS... the NHL's first star this week, inching his team closer and closer to an original six playoff round and further and further away from Steve Stamkos.

Oh the inner conflict.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

His name is Emery...and he cost me my job

From Paddock's conference call with reporters:

After Paddock was fired on Wednesday in Philadelphia, Emery visited Paddock in his room and expressed deep regret for his behaviour. Paddock wouldn't go into the details of that conversation.

Garrioch promises more in tomorrow's Sun.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Game Day: Triple Threat

Here's an open thread for today's Hockey Night In Canada games:

1. Penguins at Sens (I'll go with a 7-4 Pitt win...a reverse-karma shakeup for commenter DHS)

2. Devils at Habs (shit, somebody's getting two points out of this)

3. Leafs at Capitals (who will be the first guy in the east to get run by Matt Cooke?)

4. Calgary at Phoenix (anything but a Bryzgalov shutout works for me here)

BoOB Power Stats

When real hockey sucks, there's always fantasy. Here's the race as of Friday afternoon:

Can anyone catch the Mucklers in the final month or so of action? I think the highest score on any night was 56 points or something like that. If you consider 30 points a pretty decent outing and reference the average per night column (from the 150 nights since the season started) it's not impossible, but extremely difficult. Although keep in mind there will be some key positions running out against the maximum games limit (sort of like a salary cap for each team) and this could shake things up through the league.

In the other award categories, Storm From The East currently has the highest percentage increase in points since the All-Star weekend (the third highest absolute increase of 460.75 points) and while Varada may never win the Hart, he is definitely a shoo-in for the first annual Bryan McCabe Memorial Trophy.

Enjoy the final quarter, and watch your backs.