Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Night in the Playoff Race

Despite the relative quietness of tonight's NHL action there are still some important games. The Devils travel to the Alphabet Arena in a game that could see them hold onto the Atlantic title on the basis of more wins. sens fans will want to keep an eye out as a continued sputter could make the Devils their first round opponent.

Sabres 4
Devils 2

Speaking of sputter's, a week ago the Thrashers looked safe atop the SE standings but a loss to the Panthers tonight would put them only 1 point ahead of the Rangers, 2 ahead of Tampa and 4 ahead of Carolina with one more game played. This playoff race does not need more participants and the Leafs need Eddie to save up his wins for the games against Carolina.

Thrashers 5
Panthers 3

Speaking of Carolina, they are coming off a big loss to a certain team from a certain city whose name starts with a T ends with an O and in the middle is ORONT. They are facing the newly-minted # 1 goalie Martin Biron and the no-incentive Flyers. Now would be a great time for a favour from the City of Brotherly Love. Unless they want to save it for the last meeting against the Leafs.

Hurricanes 6
Flyers 3

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