Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Night in the Playoff Race

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All six teams vying for the final three spots are in action tonight (apparently, so is Ottawa) as the Leafs look to keep their five game home winning streak intact. They host the Hurricanes and have a 2-1-0 record against them this year although the road team has won all three games (reverse the curse time?). The Leafs will go with the same lineup as Saturday night which means that the Leafs have decided that they have milked $1.5M worth of production (20-22-42) out of Jeff O'Neill.

In gambling news, Hurricanes are for Drinking (hopefully that name seems prescient and not ironic later on tonight) has a look at the Eastern Conference playoff picture. The Leafs are 40-1 (all odds are from Sportbook.com) while the sens sit at 10-1 to win the cup. Sure the sens are higher but that algorithm clearly does not account for something happening.

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