Monday, March 26, 2007

This Week in the Playoff Race

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The Leafs start off the week in 11th place and with 3 (and possibly 4) games against rivals for the 6th-8th playoff seeds. Toronto is still in control of their destiny but they would certainly like to see fewer three point games among their rivals. They could also use some help from the other teams on the outside looking in as the Panthers, Flyers, and Capitals can all help the Leafs. Sickeningly, so can the senators. So for this week Leafs Nation will be keeping a hopeful eye on Ottawa's game and rooting on Heatley's pursuit of 50 goals.

Maple Leafs - Tuesday Hurricanes, Thursday @ Thrashers, Saturday Penguins, Sunday @ Rangers

Hurricanes - Tuesday @ Maple Leafs, Wednesday @ Flyers, Friday Lightning, Sunday @ Panthers

Lightning - Tuesday Panthers, Friday @ Hurricanes, Saturday Capitals

Canadiens - Tuesday Rangers, Friday @ senators, Saturday Sabres

NY Rangers - Tuesday @ Canadiens, Friday @ Flyers, Sunday Maple Leafs

NY Islanders - Tuesday Devils, Friday @ Sabres, Saturday senators

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