Friday, March 09, 2007

Maggie Is Busy

Woke up early this morning and wandered over to Mirtle's neighbourhood and found this:

Yet another 'policeman' committing a crime. Now Maggie The Macaque and Colin Campbell have to make a decision. Do they spin the wheel and hope that it lands on 5 games+ or do they send a message and end Simon's career. McSorley received a suspension (and legal prosecution) until February of the next season for his assault of Brashear which combined to effectively end his career. Dale Hunter's late hit on Pierre Turgeon in the '93 playoffs earned him a 20+ game suspension.

Hopefully, Campbell will grow a pair and lay down a similar punishment because 3 gamers are not sending the message. The Islanders have 15 games left before being eliminated in the playoffs by New Jersey so that is maximum 22 games if Campbell goes the Bertuzzi route. However, 40+ games would be more appropriate as it would carry over significantly into next season. Enough maybe to keep the UFA from being signed again and hopefully ending his career.

But who knows, the NHL made ESPN again so Bettman will be happy and maybe Simon dodges a bullet. At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to see a limp-wristed punishment doled out.

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