Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Gauntlet is Thrown

Rarely in professional sports do challenges get issued and ever rarer still is when they are met. Well, half of the BoO has been been challenged by Habsblog in the electronic version of that pansy glove slapping thing that French nobility (oxymoron?) used to do in the days of duelling. From Tricolour:
And Hab bloggers are all so instore for a visit from that blogging bitch from Ottawa,THM.So wear gloves when replying to her, cause she will give you stinky fingers,and God knows what else.
Considering their previous bitching you would think that they would not make bold proclamations about one small win. Logic is low on the totem pole in CEGEP I guess. Hopefully THM has recovered from the sniffles and can go over there and rile les fanatiques un peut. I suggest that Gee, DC, Sym, and Sherry join him. I can't wait.

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