Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ottawa visits the Blackhawks and their dozen or so fans at 3pm today (on Sportsnet). This is the first time that we've seen Havlat since we dumped him and his six million dollar salary.
Was it the right move? Should we have kept him for the season and lose him this summer as surely there is no room in the payroll for him? Would he simply have been a distraction?
Preissing has been a decent player on the blueline but is a UFA come July 1. Hennessey looks like he could become an NHL player.

As an aside, it annoyed me on Friday when the commentators on the Atlanta broadcast showed Heatley and Hossa's stats and said how the trade has been good to both teams since their goals/points are so close. There's a difference they never mention. Heatley makes 1.5 million a year less. If we had of kept Hossa at 6 million then what would the roster have been affected?

As an additonal aside, Leafs Suck.

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