Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I read yesterday that Toronto has lost over 250 man games to injury this season. So far.

Considering Peca is gone for at least 12-15 more games, Wellwood is 2-3 weeks away, Kaberle is a week away minimum, and Kubina and Newbury are both questionable for tonight, it will be easily over 300 man games by seasons end. Or, nearly four players missing for an entire season.

This struck me, in a salary cap environment with all its restrictions, as a pretty large stake driven through the heart of a team. Especially when you consider the missing are mainly top line players.

So I say this: Give this team a break.
Yep, goaltending could have been better, we lost some we shouldn't have, and the goals against are pitiful despite a $20M defence. But hell, we are only 2 points behind the defending Stanley Cup Champions, and if we can win 10 or 11 of the remaining games we may just be in business.

Tonight when I get home late to watch the game in all it's PVR glory, I will put on my jersey with pride and sip my beer and know that despite all the trials and tribulations, all the dissapointment, and all the sheer bad luck, it could be worse.
I could be living in Ottawa.

Enjoy the games.

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