Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Night In The Playoff Race

It's been another productive day here at the BoO. Turns out some of us hate different teams in sports and religion as well and even entire leagues. Sym and Sherry are in charge of spreading the word among the fairer sex that sports are important while the guys are focused on corrupting (or saving, depending on how you view it) their family's youth by trying to switch their cousin's/sibling's kids sporting allegiance.

However, it's almost game time and there are quite a few important matchups in the NHL tonight. Washington will look to continue in their spoiler role. While they haven't been very good at it so far (8 game losing streak) I'd rather they perfect it tonight against the Bruins instead of tomorrow night. Atlanta will look to increase their lead at the top of the Southeast division with a win over Philadelphia. The Buffaslugs travel to Florida for some FLA sn...sun and fun and two points against the Panthers. In another game featuring a Southeast division team the Conn Smythe-less Hurricanes host the New Jersey Devils (soon with Richard Matvichuk!) as Marty Brodeur looks to take one step closer to officially being the greatest goalie ever. And finally, in a game featuring the evil side of the BoO Ottawa hosts the Ricky D-less Islanders and can do the Leafers a big favour by delivering a metaphorical slash to the face (they were aiming for the chest! honest) in the form of a regulation time victory.

Oh, and there are some games out West but I could care less.

Predictions, raves about Redden's astute hockey sense, praise for Spezza's defensive prowess, or vitriol at my sarcasm in the yellow update bar-less (not bra-less fellas) comments.

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