Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Night in the Playoff Race

It's another in a string of big nights in the Eastern playoff race and here is your easy post to remember who to cheer and who to jeer:

Washington @ Carolina - They beat Tampa and Toronto and feeding Carolina would be the polite thing to do. Go Capitals!

San Jose @ Atlanta - The Leafs need the Sharks to sweep their trip through the Southeast division so they can lose this one if it means that they beat the Hurricanes. But just to keep them in the winning mood: Go Sharks!

Montreal @ Boston - Their last meeting ended 1-0 for the wrong guys. Tonight it would help if they could score on a 21 year old rookie who is playing above his head. Go Bruins!

Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders - The Pens are just flapping their wings waiting for their first round elimination of the sens but winning this game could help them get home ice advantage for the first round. Go Happy Feet!

New Jersey @ Tampa Bay - The Leafs were good about not exacting a real pound of flesh from the Devils so now would be a good way to repay their debt to the Leafs. Go Devils!

Ottawa @ Florida - This game does not matter beyond the fact that I want the sens in the most fragile of mindsets going into the playoffs. Go Panthers and their billion dollar goalie!

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