Sunday, March 25, 2007


What a weekend.
The mere mention of the word "playoff", even if it's a playoff race, means Ottawa have disappeared from the news. They played yesterday, right?
Toronto however are stuck right in the thick of one of the tightest jostles perhaps ever seen in the NHL. OK, right in the "thick of it" might be gratuitous as they are in fact clinging to the back of the pack for dear life. 11th certainly doesn't sound as good as 9th, but 2 points out of 8th means there is still some hockey to play for God's favourite team. Hear hear.

Today the New Yorkers play each other. The best case scenario in my eyes is the Rangers taking it in regulation. That would leave the Isles tied in games played with a one point advantage.

My own team plays today at 2pm, game 1 of round 2. Better get hydrated in a hurry, the Dennison's were going down nice last night.

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