Monday, March 26, 2007

Optional skate

A rare day off for the Ontario teams. Here are some posts that caught my eye if you didn't see them:

Starry Starry Hockey Nights - Hockey Dirt:
Sixty-three years ago, on March 24, 1944, Maurice "Rocket" Richard was named the First Star in a 5-1 Montreal win over Toronto in game 2 of the 1944 Stanley Cup semi-final series. Richard was also named the Second Star, and the Third Star. Darned...uh...Good About the Sens...I Guess - Steve Warne:
The Sens are always good. Always. But then something happens. Tugger can’t squeeze Derek Plante’s overtime slap shot. Sami Salo gives it away to Steve Thomas. Tie Domi is hit by Rico Persson. Jeff Friesen. Sundin in overtime. Patrick Lalime. Dominik Hasek’s adductor. The ’06 Game 1 Buffalo collapse. Jason Pominville.

The Worst Twelve Games In Oilers History - mc79hockey:
The Oilers 12 game losing streat is such a beast - very, very few teams endure a stretch that bad. I was digging through some stats to try and get some perspective on just how bad things have been in Edmonton since Kevin Lowe, Pat LaForge and the EIG declined the opportunity to go the extra mile for their fans.

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