Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

For Leafs fans as they look at their glasses today, they can look at the glass as being half full, or half empty. Yes, your team sucked badly last night and the issues to address are many and deep (defense, goal, PK, etc, etc). BUT, the Habs, Islanders, Hurricanes, and the Rangers don't seem to have what it takes either. Therefore, drink up Leaf fans. (Sorry for the picture to the left - couldn't find a half pint of Guinness)
Surprisingly, we in Ottawa are going to have the Sens on Hockey Night in Canada.
Think Cherry will come onto Coach's Corner with a beer like he did a few years back on St. Paddy's? MacLean asked him about it and Don said it was a coffee. It's why we love ya, Don.

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