Friday, March 09, 2007


Round 1: 4-1 Sens in Toronto
Round 2: 6-0 Leafs in Ottawa
Round 3: 6-2 Sens in Toronto
Round 4: 7-2 Sens in Ottawa.
Round 5: 3-2 (OT) Sens in Toronto.
Round 6: 3-2 (Shootout) Leafs in Ottawa
Round 7: 5-1 Sens in Otttawa

Game time is 7pm at the ACC.

TV: Hockey Night in Canada

With the Sens win on Thursday they clinch the season series. The Leafs are down but are they out?? Maybe we'll consider this the pre-game post. I know it's a few hours early but hey, it's the last BoO regular season game.

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