Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Definition of Irony

Any regular visitors to this site will know that there are very few things that unite both sides of the BoO. Our official 'feel better' site is one of them. The posters are mostly insane, inarticulate, incompetent, and incredibly blinded to reality. Some previous highlights include THM getting banned for pointing out that the Habs were in fact much crappier than the sens.

For a good taste of what a normal thread goes through over there check out the game thread for last night. A bucket of prescription medicine could not keep those guys on an even keel or in touch with reality. This was the best comment from a Mr. CANADIENS-DAWG:
I just was looking at the comments on by the Laff fans about the Laff win last night. They predict a 6th place finnish and The Stanley Cup. Raycroft is the next Ken Dryden. The Laff Fans are pathetic. They win one game and the Cup is theirs…
I guess I should add that they have the memory of a gold-fish. In December these Habs were the greatest team in the NHL. Now they are usually among the worst unless they win that night's game and then it's 1993 all over again! The bold part is the pinnacle of stupidity because over the past few threads Jaroslav Halak has been repeatedly compared to Dryden and Roy. I guess the red/blue/white-tinted lenses cause brain damage.

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