Thursday, March 01, 2007

Slow Down

The sens' recent (almost 30 games worth) run of success has people in Ottawa getting frisky. They point to the sens possibly flying under the radar or their handling of adversity or the team harmony. Not that these things have ever kept the sens from underachieving. In the spirit of keeping all members of the BoO grounded (or a little below the ground for the blue and white) Bitter Leaf Fan penned An Open Letter to the Town That Fun Forgot to remind senators fans that while it may feel different it will probably play out in the same hilarious (read: painful, for the those in black, red, and gold) way:
If you do go to the dance, I just hope for your sake you haven’t pinned your hopes on another last minute date with someone like Tyler Arnason or Oleg Saprykin, if that’s who you have your eye on I think we both know how this is going to end.
He tosses out an olive branch,
I heard about what you did to Carolina this week and even though you’ll likely deny it, I’d like to think that part of that was about us. So, I just want to say thanks. Even if it wasn't about us, I really appreciate it.
The letter sums up the fan relationship in the BoO pretty nicely.

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