Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Night In The Playoff Race

As noted, Kaberle won't be in the lineup tonight so any dreams of him catching the scrub with his head down have to be put off until next year (Or the playoffs) There is a lot of action to follow around the NHL tonight including some tough ones to call.

Ottawa @ St. Louis - This one's easy. Verdict: Blues shock sens with their 110% effort.

Tampa Bay @ Islanders - Tortorella is losing the plot. No shootouts please although this could turn into the Battle of the Nobodies. Verdict: Lots of goals lead to another classic '25% rule'-like rant.

Boston @ Montreal - The Bs are coming off a slap on the wrist after their capitulation against the Rangers. It's the first of three games between the old rivals and a win for Boston would make for fun reading. Verdict: Bruins repay the Habs for their past two playoff meetings by making this the first of three straight wins over the Habs.

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