Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rumour Du Jour

From the Leaf Scooper discussion board:

Ok JFJ is working the phones hard and he wants a defencemen badly.

He is still talking to Washington, St. Louis and Colorado. Here's the break down:

Witt would cost Antropov and a pick, but that is to high of a price for Witt, go check out his stats he isn't very good. (L4)

Jackman would cost Colaiacovo and Stajan, the scary thing here is that JFJ is considering it. (L3) Talks have gotten more serious!

Sauer would cost a second rounder, only problem is he isn't worth that and then the dollars don't add up. (L2)

JFJ is trying really hard to get ridof Czerkawski and Belak, he is willing to stick with Berg a little longer, but many feel that, that is a Quinn decision and not JFJ. There are no takers for either player at this moment... what does that tell you?

And later on in the same discussion thread:

New info just came past me right this minute. JFJ has called a conference call with both Caps and Blues GM about the possibilityof a three way deal. ...

... This is unconfirmed at the moment, but the three way deal that JFJ is hoping for might look like this, again unconfirmed!

To Toronto: Witt
To St. Louis: 2nd Rounder (Tor) Washington top prospect, 4th Rounder (Was)
To Washington:Tkachuk


  1. I think Witt is the only decent trade there but Can't see the leafs doing the other 2. Maybe the tree way but St. Louis is getting screwed on that one.

  2. STL wouldn't be getting screwed, the Caps would...

    Witt, a 4th rounder and a prospect for Tkachuk?

    I don't think that'll happen!

    I'd like to see Jackman or Brewer in TO, and while I could definitely part with Colaiacovo I wouldn't want to see Stajan go...

    Although you do have to give up talent to get guys like Jackman/Brewer!

  3. Uh, I don't want a punishing defender whose shoulder won't heal.

  4. Jackman is turning 25 next year.