Monday, October 03, 2005

"If he can be a little bit more Wade Redden..."

Again - "If he can be a little bit more Wade Redden...."

Damien Cox's article on Bryan McCabe has a couple of other nice lines as well including:

"Has McCabe, at the tender age of 30, finally grown up?"
"The last we saw the defenceman in NHL competition, he was being embarrassed in every which way imaginable by the Philadelphia Flyers in the second round of the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs, with the puck seeming like a time bomb on the end of his stick."
"When the lockout came, he ventured to Sweden to play but soon found himself headed back home in a fit of pique when the team he was playing for benched him. "
"At his worst, reliance on those natural attributes leave him hopelessly out of position or trying to do too much when less would suffice."

No doubt about it - the Leaf season will depend heavily on McCabe. On one hand, he could be wearing a Team Canada jersey in Italy. Just as likely, he could be the reason the Leafs will still be looking for a playoff spot in the spring.


  1. McCabe is a poster-boy for what was wrong with the NHL last season. He was only an "elite" defenseman because he had mastered the cluth & grab.

  2. "be a little more like Wade Redden" What a coke snorting womanizer. Wade Redden is a bum that doesn't have a defensive bone in his body. Sure he can make that pass out of the zone better than most but you put him into a defense oriented role and he sucks.

    Did I mention he does Cocaine?? I don't know what the infatuation with Redden is from Sens fans. He ain't that damned good.

  3. It is all pretty much fact. I know 100% that Andre Roy was sent out of town due to him getting Redden hooked on Cocaine. I wouldn't doubt that he still does it. Will check some sources and find out for you.

    I've also known a few girls that have witnessed some of these acts.

  4. I guess being 4th in Norris trophy voting just isn't good enough for Damien Cox, not to mention his team leading 8 points in 5 pre-season games. The Leafs should really get rid of that useless McCabe.

  5. Ah, world-weary Damien.

    He was on The Fan with Bob McCown this afternoon. Some joker phoned in saying how he hates the Leafs and he was going to sit outside on his patio up North tonight instead of watching the game. Counting the stars or something. McCown sincerely congratulates the guy and asks Cox whether he'd rather be at the ACC tonight or up North staring blindly into inky blackness (I paraphrase, you understand). Cox, in all sincerity, pauses and then says it's a tough call.

    A tough call.

    Eighteen months without hockey, season about to start, the (apparently) consensus pick to dominate the league in the house, new rules, new formats, excitement out the yin-yang (if you actually like the game) and this guy thinks it's a tough call whether to watch a tilt by the ne plus ultra of pro hockey or contemplate the meaning of Lyra blinking at him.

    Yes, Cox is a true fan of hockey, and a true student of the game.

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