Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First one to the Sens

A night of roller coaster emotions. From the highs and lows of the opening period when Ottawa outplayed the Leafs but trailed 1-0 to a growing frustration in the 2nd when an obvious offensive powerhouse failed to have a shot on net during the first 10 minutes of the period.

Then, when Murray put Alfredsson with Spezza and Heatley together for the first time you just knew it was going to make something happen. Their next shift produced the first goal and the same threesome put in the tying goal.

What a game to start the shootout! Hasek must be one of the most intimidating goalies to face in that situation and predictably Toronto failed to get a shot on net on their two breakaways.

More comments from this side tomorrow.


  1. We did not deserve that victory. Ottawa played horribley for the first two periods - they were over-playing the puck, taking dumb penalties, and just generally sucking ass. Thank the gods that we were playing Toronto - any skilled team would have destroyed us.

  2. Don, you simply can't be happy with that win. First the Sens played horribly, Second, they won it in a shoot-out.

    My point of view on the shoot-out, they shouldn't have it. Don't like it for the fact that some teams won't want to win in the OT cause they have guy's that are good on the breakaway. I think they should just keep on doing OT's till someone pots a goal. It'll make more teams want to win in the game instead of going to a shoot-out.

    If the Sens had Lalalalaime in nets then the leafs would have won that one 5-1.

  3. Leafs totally deserved that one...

    A few things I took from the game:

    -Bochenski couldn't keep up with the play - out of the lineup by December!

    -Lindros looked awesome. If he plays anything like that for most of the year the Leafs will be great.

    -Stood out- Other than Lindros. Czerkawski/Allison/Havlat

    -Steady Eddie - was dynamite as usual. Outplayed Hasek.

    -Leafs D - looked pretty decent against the "power house" Senators, even without defensive minded Klee. Colaiacovo/Wosneiwski had a few horrible shifts.

    -Redden - How bad did 8-ball look last night... Brutal! And Fans here in Ottawa think he's a Norris candidate!

    All in all it was a really exciting game to watch...

    At the very least it knocked all the gloating Sens fans down a peg or two... they're in for a much tougher season against the Leafs than they think...

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