Wednesday, October 05, 2005


6 of 7 TSN experts pick the Senators to win the cup.
4 of 6 from the Sportsnet panel pick the Sens to be in the final.
0 of 7 experts from ESPN pick the Sens to win the cup.

Damn Americans. I hate those bastards.


Cherry is picking the Sens - and I'm sorry to report Ottawa's own McSquinty is too. Oh well - it balances out I guess.

Cherry is also picking our team to have the Art Ross winner (Spezza), the Calder winner (Bochenski), and Hasek to win the Vezina and the Hart!

Cherry on Bryan Murray: "He looks to me like a principal I used to have and butter would not melt in his mouth, but he likes tough, aggressive hockey and he is a proven winner. "


  1. Ohhhh... Cherry picks your team to win and you love him all of a sudden.

    I seem to remember being at a Leafs/Sens playoff game in Ottawa a few years back (which T.O won of course) and Cherry was made fun of on the Jumbo-tron by none other than McSquinty! Oh how the crowd cheered!!!

  2. Sens fans flip floppin more this year then the pancakes at a Pancake house down in Alabama

  3. OK Don, read the article on Don Cherry, one quote came to mind and you hopefully just forgot it and didn't omit it on purpose: "Like I said, only a fool would try to pick winners this year, but as the song says: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

    I think Cherry says it right that "With the NHL's parity, almost every team has a chance to win the Cup. There are no powerful flagships. It comes down to injuries and luck. Only a fool would try to pick winners."

    Don Cherry ain't no fool.

  4. I'm an American who picks the Sens to win the Cup, the first time I've picked a team other than Detroit to win it in over a decade.

    Bochenski for the Calder is a pretty bold pick with not only Crosby but Ovechkin also in the running. Being on a great team should help him produce and look good though.