Saturday, October 15, 2005

Party like it's 1995

Andy Frost of the AM 640 post-game show mentioned that maybe one the reasons that Jason Allison, Jeff O'Neill and Darcy Tucker have found instant chemistry is the 1995 World Junior Championship in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Jason Allison tied for team led in scoring that year with 15 points in 7 games. O'Neill contibuted 6 points to the undefeated team and Darcy Tucker chipped in with 4.

Let's us not forget that Bryan McCabe paced the defense with 12 points. Other team members included Wade Redden (I'll take him) and Ed Jovanovski (and him but Vancouver can keep Dan Cloutier).

Update: Do I really have to mention that the above mentioned Leafs are all on the front page of the top NHL scorers?


  1. Funny how playing a team with a horrible goalie and perhaps the weakest defnse in the east will boost your team's point production, eh?

    Ottawa gets to play with Atlanta soon enough.... let's see how that goes.