Monday, October 17, 2005

Leafs 3 Canadiens 2

By The Meatriarchy

I was out on Saturday night (see here) so I only caught the re-broadcast on Leafs TV the next day. Looked to be a pretty good game considering that the Leafs played the night before and didn't get into Mtl till 2 am.

Belfour definitely didn't look tired and made some impressive stops - although he basically handed Montreal their first goal. Once again Lindros carries the team with two goals. Allison also chipped in with the other.

So now the Leafs have 8 out of a possible 12 points over their first 6 games and are a mere two points behind the Sens whom everyone knows will go 82-0 this year. Right?

Funny how this team has lost their best player in Sundin and they haven't missed a beat. When Sundin comes back this team will really be scary to play against.

Speaking of Sundin he has been cleared for light on-ice workouts but probably is a ways from playing yet.

Meanwhile there are some rumours floating around that there is friction between JFJ and Pat Quinn with Quinn "on a short leash" whatever that means. Personally I would not be happy if Quinn was ousted I don't know who in the league would be a better replacement for him. He is easily one of the top 5 coaches in the NHL.

Let's hope this one is one of those bogus rumours that Toronto kicks out every year. Remember last time their was hockey Quinn was supposed to have "lost the dressing room" and was about to be fired? We know how that turned out.


  1. Anybody see the Hav-rat "kicking" incedent on the weekend...

    What a little bitch...

    I hope this kid gets the max.

    Kids look up to this guy and he's kicking another man in the crotch with a sharp blade!!!!

    What a weasel.

  2. I hope everyone keeps thinking/saying that the Leafs won't make the playoffs...

    They play better when they've been counted out.

    Getting rid of Quinn would be retarded!

    Why does he keep getting selected to coach the Olympics/World Cup if he's not one of the best coaches in the world???

  3. 5-0:

    Toronto is a goonish team - so don't go whining about Havlat.

  4. Why, cause they play/hit hard and fight with their hands and not their feet.

    You want kids emulating that kind of shit?


  5. I guess McCabe should have kicked Chara in the nuts two years ago when he was trying to clear him from the front of the net!

    Who's the "un-named" former player that is justifying Havlat's actions in this article? If he's so sure that Havlat did what he had to do then why won't he mention his name?

    Leave it to Don Brennan to write an article like this...

  6. On another topic...

    How shitty was CBC's regional coverage of the Sens game on Saturday night?

    That's the most boring, un-exciting commentating I've ever heard! And the camera work/ lighting... Horrible!

    CBC is going down the tubes...

    If it wasn't for Cherry/MacLean I'd have absolutley no reason to watch HNIC.

  7. There is a big difference between being goonish and kicking someone with a skate. Andrew take a freshly sharpened skate and go kick someone with it. You're going to give them a pretty nasty cut. What would have happened if havlats blade hit Gill somewhere where there wasn't padding? He would have cut him badly.

    It is a disgrace that you can even say that "Don't talk about Havlat" what he did could have caused a serious injury or even killed the guy. It's like taking a knife and trying to stab someone.

    Where havlat kicked Gill is a pretty sensitive area, you have the major arteries of your body in the thigh area plus you have his golden jewels. Pretty dangerous place?

    If you can't see that what Havlat did was more than goonish hockey than don't even bother commenting cause you're an idiot.

  8. Havlat's a goonette.

  9. I hate the fact that Quinn's a Leaf, but anybody who coached Team Canada is alright with me -- even if he does look like a hooker beat him up recently.

    As for the CBC coverage of the Sens, my hope is they're actually trying to get an 'Ottawa' team together -- now if they can just sub Tugger in for Neale we might actually have decent commentary on CBC BoO games without turning the radio on. I'd still rather hear McGuire though.

  10. They made a HUGE mistake letting Chris Cuthbert go...

    They've got nothing after Neale/Cole.

  11. What's the deal with Greg Millen working for Leafs TV. Didn't he used to work on the midweek broadcasts on "The New RO"?

  12. Greg Millen is the biggest goof in Broadcasting next to Don Brennan, the guy is so overly biased and wrong the he makes Harry Neale and Bob Cole look like Foster Hewitt.

  13. How come the Sens Fans aren't commenting on Havlats kick?

  14. I'll bite.

    Havlat has always been a dirty player. The kick was nasty, he got caught and he got suspended, he deserved it.

    The sens will be fine without him, but I'll look forward to the next penalty kill he plays.