Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Battle of Toronto

Who needs smack from Ottawa when you just have to open your Toronto papers. Lankhof pens a beautiful paragraph here:
Already, they've made my head hurt and I don't think it was the wobbly pops. Leafs coach Pat Quinn had his right eye blackened from a puck, then caught a high stick over his left eye that needed stitches. In other words, he has been more involved in the play so far this season than most of his defencemen.
Aki Berg is so far out of position he might as well still be playing in Europe and Wade Belak's most effective move is when he's skating to the bench.
Jason Allison may be as good as John Ferguson Jr. thinks he is but, one-on-one in the shootout, he has shown moves that couldn't fake a beer-league goalie off his barstool.
Against Ottawa, Eric Lindros couldn't hit the net if they'd stuck Bob Clarke's picture in the back of it.
If this keeps up Bryan Marchment will start looking good. The Leafs' best shooters, Mats Sundin and Jeff O'Neill, have been injured. Eddie Belfour has alternated between brilliantly adequate and looking like a man caught on the wrong end of a firing squad.
In other words, new team, new league, new players ... same old story.
Dated on the day it was printed - O'Neill scored the winner last night - but nice.

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  1. Don, Don, Don, they still look better than the Senators in the 3rd period of any game they've played this year. The Sens without Hasek who I believe is hiding a groin injury, would be the same place they were last year, blowing games in the 3rd.