Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Could there be a Leaf on Team Canada?

It was an embarassment that no Leaf was invited to the Olympic training camp this summer - the only Canadian club without representation.

This Damien Cox article seems to suggest that McCabe and, OMG!, the Big E, The Next One, the former man-child, Eric 'don't call me mush-head' Lindros might have to be considered!

On the Sens side: Redden, Phillips, and Heatley were in Kelowna while Spezza will also be under consideration.


  1. Should McCabe make the team, the chances of Phillips making it as well drops considerably. Also, one has to think that Lindros and Spezza would also compete for the same spot on the roster, if open spot even exists at center.

  2. Wow! Damien Cox actually has something good to say about a Leafs player...

    What has this world come to?

  3. I could see Redden, McCabe, Heatley and Lindros all making the squad.

    Spezza definitley has the offensive talent to make the team but may get overlooked due to inexperience.

    How cool would it be to see Crosby there though!!

  4. Why not?

    Do they want a fourth centre who's inexperienced but extremely talented, or do they want a guy that's won an olympic championship/been to the SC finals?

    Obviously depends on how they're both playing at the time.

    Are they making a youth movement or do they want to give the old lads one more shot?

  5. I doubt they would put Lindros on the team. Too much of a risk in a short tournament when there are so many other players available.

    McCabe is a maybe at best.

    That is not to say the Leafs won't have Olympians. Sundin for sure. Kaberle for sure. Steen and Telqvist would be maybes.

  6. So I assume you think Redden is a shoe in to make the team?

    The most over-rated "all-star" defenceman in the league!

  7. Berg will likely play for Finland too.

  8. Poor Finland!

  9. Yep Wade Redden is pretty over-rated... Because y'know he definately wasn' Canada's best defenseman at the World Cup last year... He also hasnt been between 34 and 47 points his last four years while being +20 atleast at the same time... Mccabe is definately more proven and a more consistant defender especially when you look at the stats. Especially in his own zone. I mean DAMN 9 points and plus 1 - thats pretty damn good