Thursday, October 13, 2005

Missed this nugget

I won't want anyone to miss this bang-on prediction by Mike at Covered in Oil:
I think I got my hate back for the Leafs, remembering the whiney, ubiquitous nature of Toronto media and their team. With their loss tonight, I'm certain we'll see a rash of commentary on whether the shootout is "a good way to end the game" the same way we've seen national, roundtable discussions on high sticking or visors the second one of their players gets hurt. Meanwhile, their team sucks.

Hat-tip to Eric McErlain.


  1. Yeah, the Toronto media are such total homers. I wish we could get a bit, even just a wee mote, of criticism of MLSE from some of the columnists in some of the local papers. That would be a real change of pace.

    [rolls eyes]

  2. Well Toronto media are a bunch of morons. And yes I do believe that the shoot-out is a horrible way to win a game. It may be exciting to see but you's would all be saying that if you still had Lallallallalllallallaime who couldn't stop a beach ball if he tried.

    Hockey is a team sport and it should stay that way and not go to individual competition to decide a game. Go 4-4 then 3-3 for OT till it's decided.