Monday, October 10, 2005

Game Day Leafs vs Sens

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What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with the presence of hockey? Not only am I thankful that I live in relative wealth safety and security but I am doubly thankful that hockey has returned.

I didn't get to see the game on Saturday night because of a family function but when I turned on the radio for the drive home the first thing I heard was a Leafs fan bemoaning that Belfour had been left alone for most of the game.

"Uh-Oh" I thought - was this an 8-0 blowout or something? Not quite, for the second game of the season the Leafs carried a lead into the third period but couldn't hold it.

Berg and Belak were -3 that night and apparently looked awful. This has re-stoked the rumors that the Leafs are trying hard to pry Brandon Witt from Washington and are talking to the Bruins about Nik Boynton:

People close to the Leafs say that JFJ was very ticked off last night, and also went on to say that right now, no one is untouchable to land a defensemen.

Interesting. Does that mean that Belfour or Sundin would be traded for a defensemen? I think not. However there have been other rumors circulating that the Leafs have been shopping for a young goalie (Buffalo's Nuronen is one most prominently mentioned). Could Belfour be moved for a defenseman and concurrently a move made for a goalie? How very intriguing.

But perhaps not realistic. My bet is that Berg and Belak stick but might see some time in the press box as Quinn rotates Wozniewski in and out of the line up with the odd appearance by Carlo Colaiacovo.

So tonight Sens fans can take some solace in that conjunction with this early season defense "crisis" Sundin will not play and also that Jeff O'Neil is still out with a bum shoulder.

Sens fan you should not be happy with anything less than a 10-0 score in favour of your hometeam.

Oh and you might want to watch out for this guy named Lindros. He has been moved from the fourth line all the way up to the top spot to replace Sundin. All signs are that this fellow might be a decent player.

On the down side crafty forward Kyle Wellwood has been placed between Domi and Wilm. So to steal a quote from a sports writer from last year "32 knuckles and only one pair of hands between them". Nevertheless Wellwood still managed to turn Domi into a goal scorer on Saturday night.

If I am coach Murray I am going to try to focus on one thing tonight: speed.

On the front line Allison while looking strong on the puck still doesn't look to be in game shape and is visibly slow.

On the back end Belak and Berg don't look ready to adapt to the new NHL and Klee is only in his second game since missing the entire training camp with an injury.

Those are the Achilles heels to be exploited.

Quinn on the other hand can mitigate these by removing either Berg or Belak (or both) from the lineup and by moving Wellwood up further in the depth chart.

Quinn however is notoriously loyal to his player and may very well go with the same line up in order to see if the goats of Saturday rise to the challenge to become heroes tonight.

We'll see.

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