Thursday, October 06, 2005

Did you win? No. But did you have fun?

Yeah - I really like hockey.

How the mighty Leaf Nation has fallen. Not so much the players on the ice last night but their fans.

They now take solace in trumpetting how they held the winning opposition to under 40 shots or how they even might have won if only one of their brittle buds could have played the entire game.

Don't worry Leaf fans. Your excuses are being served on a platter.

My God! How does it feel to think you are only the all but certain injuries to Lindros and Allison away from Matt Hubbauer and Brett Engelhardt being your number 3 and 4 centres - behind Stajan and Steen?


  1. You Sens fans must get tired of speculating, no?

    Lalime is good enough to take us to the cup, right?, Jacques is a great coach, isn't he? Roberts will get injured? Neiwendyk's back will give out? Lindros will get a concussion...

    I guess we should take it as a compliment that regarless of how good or bad your team is you always end up talking about the Leafs...

    I fully understand. It is hard not to talk about Canada's team.

  2. Don is starting to show his Leafs fan mentality, cocky and arrogant (Not that any of you leafs fans here are/aren't).

    Both of your teams suck!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. And yoda is starting to show his pre-school mentality.

    Your guys' teams are poopy!

  4. Least I made it to school five-o. I wasn't the one still sucking off your mommas tit at 20.

    Leafs and Sens have good teams. If they can keep the injuries away then they'll be good.