Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"One of these days someone is going to feed him his lunch..."

"...through a straw" as Don Cherry helpfully added here.

That was Kenny Hitchcock on the Sens' now notorious (for all the wrong reasons) winger Marty Havlat. The context was the record-setting donnybrook that broke out late last season (pre-Bertuzzi/Moore era, it should be duly noted).

If Brian McCabe is originator and master of the Can Opener, then Marty Havlat has patent dibs on the Meat Cleaver. A pretty damn shameful move that shouldn't have happened once let alone repeated. If you're looking for Havlat apologies, you'll not find them here -- that's what they pay Don Brennan for. Havlat has now "earned" his rep as a dirty player, much to the delight of opponents whose taunts can now rise above mere gamesmanship.

The NHL's division of labour should see to it that guys like Havlat skate like a demon and score loads of goals while guys like Chris Neil are available to police the treatment of their star players. Neil did immediately intervene, earning 17 penalty minutes (including instigating, of course) for his efforts. Havlat is simply too fast and too skilled a player to be scraping the gutter with package-boots.


  1. I would be surprised if Havlat finishes the year with the Sens.

    Look for another Hossa for Heatly style trade.

    If the Sens can pull something like that off then you can really plan a parade route. Especially if you can get a 2nd line centre in the deal

  2. There's no excuse for doing that to Gill - now if it was Tucker....

  3. If it had've been him, Havlat would've been in the hospital!

  4. Havlat is a bum. If he wants to play like that, send him back to the Czech Rep or wherever he came from. There is no need for that in the NHL. Don if you think someone is going to give a good deal for Havlat then you're mistaken. He hasn't done much this year. Plus with his dirty style of play who wants to take a chance giving up a good player for a decent one that is a goof.

  5. Havlat just needs a major kick in the ass from his coach.

    Does Havlat/Murray/Brennan not think that every player in the league has to deal with guys like Gill?

    He certainly doesn't deserve special treatment.

  6. Just looked at the "Long List" for Team Canada and there is 4 leafs on it, McCabe, Allison, Lindros, O'Neill. I could see McCabe and Lindros on there.