Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Get used to it

Yes - your team is only a few timely goals from being 3-0 instead of 0-3. Non-playoff teams use that excuse all the time.

Tonight's Leaf/Flyer tilt is the battle of the basement dwellers. Which team truly is the worst in the Eastern Conference at this point in the season. My money is on Toronto proving that they deserve that distinction.

Leaf fans - do you think the Senators shooters are telling Belfour something when they've shot from 10 feet on every opportunity and scored 3 out of 5 times. Come out of your net a bit Eddie!


  1. I love it.

    Three games in and Sens fans are talking serious smack.

    Keep it coming. It'll be that much more satisfying when we kick your ass in the playoffs again!!!

    All things considered, I'm comfortable with the way the Leafs are playing. They've already had to juggle lines more than any other team. They've lost they're captain/leader, lost a top scoring winger and have the shittiest defenceman in the league (Berg) and have still come very close to winning every game. The wins will come...

  2. The standings are early. Does anybody believe that Buffalo is the top team in the East. That the Rangers and Capitals will be battling for the 8th seed?

    I willing to be patient.

  3. Cold hard fact, Sens have NEVER beaten the leafs in the playoffs!

    Sens fans were saying the same shit 2 years back when the Leafs started the season 5 games under .500 after fifteen games.
    I remember the Leafs then going on a 17 game unbeaten streak and discarding the Sens in the playoffs like clockwork.

    It's a long season... 79 games left!

  4. The way the Leafs are playing now, the Sens won't have to beat them in the play offs.

  5. OK guy's, the Sens have played like shit also. The get a lead up then like the choak artists they are they blow it, or did you Sens fans forget about that 4-2 lead you had last night then in 2 minutes it was 5-4 leafs???

    If the Sens don't start playing a whole game they are in serious trouble. They are quite a bit away from playing like Stanley Cup COntenders.

    Don, you can talk all the smack you want but wait till after the mid-way point of the season to talk about cellar dwelling which I highly doubt Toronto will be in the cellar.

  6. Get your cheers in early Sens fans 'cause come April you'll be crying in your beer AGAIN!

  7. Sorry, mid season is too far away to have to wait for trash talk, especially with Leafs fans so readily handy.

    As Belfour has happily demonstrated to the Sens, Hockey is won and lost on goaltending (especially with marquee net minders). It just so happens the Sens have a better goaltender this year. Therefore, I am mostly anxious about how well Emery plays and how healthy Hasek remains. I figure Hasek has 50-60 games in him this season, including the play-offs. Emery is going to have to play well during the regular season and I'd make good odds we'll see Emery in the playoffs too.

  8. Hey Gareth,

    Hasek was just as awful as Belfour last night. He is just a better shoot-out goalie However, I am not sure if Belfour is even capable of stopping a shoot-out shot.

  9. Well yes, last night was not exactly a goaltending clinic. However, both are marquee tenders and the Sens are at least on par with the leafs in the goal tending department, a substantial improvement over past seasons.